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A stenographer types on a stenotype machine

Court Reporting - Associate Degree

You've seen high profile trials with a person keying the testimony into a stenograph machine or read the scrolling captions for the hearing-impaired on your TV screen. The person recording the spoken words at speeds ranging from 180 to 225 words a minute is a court reporter. If you're an excellent listener, have strong language and communications skills, and are committed to accuracy and confidentiality, a career in court reporting may be a perfect fit for you.

Program Code: 101702
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Program Costs & Financial Aid

Tuition: $9,488, Books: $0, Supplies: $0

Total Approximate Costs

This program is eligible for financial aid through the partner college.

How do I get started in this program?

Requirements for Program Entry

  • Court Reporting is a collaborative program between LTC and NWTC. Application for this program must be completed through LTC.

What will I learn?

  • LTC offers its Court Reporting program in cooperation with technical colleges across the state. As a court reporting student, you'll:
  • Attend live, interactive TV classes sent from LTC to NWTC.
  • Take general studies classes and labs at your local technical college.


Court Reporting is a collaborative program between Lakeshore Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Students attend ITV classes sent from LTC to NWTC.

Total Credits 61
  • Curriculum Note: The following beginning courses are required prior to advanced courses: 10-170-121, Jury Charge I-Beginner 10-170-122, Jury Charge II-Beginner 10-170-113, Literary I-Beginner 10-170-114, Literary II-Beginner 10-170-153, Testimony I-Beginner 10-170-154, Testimony II-Beginner
  • The following courses are offered only at Lakeshore Technical College:
 10-801-195, Written Communication
 10-806-112, Principles of Sustainability
  • The following optional courses are recommended for skills enhancement: 10-170-140, Realtime Reporting Speed Maintenance 10-170-161, Realtime Reporting Technology Adv (Fall) Skillbuilding 1, 2, or 3 (recommended in Summer Semester)

Program Outcomes

  • Develop proficiency in machine shorthand using realtime theory.
  • Develop a personal dictionary, read, translate, and edit transcripts using CAT (computer-aided transcription) software.
  • Produce salable transcripts on a realtime translation system.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of proper reporting procedures and responsibilities for freelance and official reporting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal and medical concepts and terminology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the professional reporting organizations and methods of gaining certification as a Registered Professional Reporter.

What careers are in my future?

Employment Potential

A graduate of the program will have potential for employment in the following areas:

  • Legislative Reporter
  • Official Court Reporter in the Court System
  • Freelance Reporter
  • Scopist

What's next after graduation?

Start here. Finish at a four-year.

NWTC transfer programs are offered through collaborative agreements with our four-year college and university partners. See where your associate degree credits will transfer.