How to Earn College Credit in High School It all starts with dual credit classes!

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By taking a dual credit class, you earn both high school and college credit for that class — jumpstarting your college career and saving money on your future degree.
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Jumpstart College

Gain knowledge, hands-on experience, and both college and high school credit — all in a class that’s typically part of your regular school day, with your fellow students.

Depending on the subject, you may take dual credit classes at a local high school, or you may attend class at an NWTC location. 

Have you thought about your future career? Taking a dual credit class is a great way to check out a career while getting started on your degree. Plus, you’ll get a feel for what college is really like.

Save Money

By taking dual credit classes, you could save thousands of dollars in college tuition.

  • Classes are free for eligible high school juniors and seniors. Your school district covers the cost of tuition and textbooks, thanks to a partnership between NWTC and the school district. 
  • If you transfer your credits to an NWTC program (or other college/university), you could save big! 

Meet with your high school counselor and/or NWTC career coach to see where your credits will transfer. 

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Dual Credit Class Types

Are you a high school junior or senior? Do you want to take classes that enable you to earn both college credit and credit toward high school graduation? Check out these dual credit experiences: 

Advanced Standing – Take high school classes, taught by high school teachers, that are determined to be a “close match” to NWTC coursework.

Transcripted Credit – Learn NWTC curriculum from high school teachers who have been trained by NWTC faculty.

Start College Now – Learn college curriculum from NWTC industry-expert instructors.

Youth Apprenticeship – Receive industry-related classroom training from NWTC instructors; you may also be assigned to work-related placements.

Career Pathways – Earn from 3 to 26 college credits toward specific careers — like nursing assistant and automotive — before you even graduate from high school!