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Safety and Security

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A security worker watches live video feeds of college areas

NWTC is a remarkably safe place to be, with a very low occurrence of theft and no reported violent crimes in the past two years. You can view the full report of all campus incidents in the Annual Campus Security Report.

Maintaining a safe and welcoming environment at all NWTC locations is the top priority of Campus Security. We work closely with our local communities, including law enforcement, to provide the most professional and effective campus security services possible.

What to do in an Emergency

Call the Security Office at 920-498-5699 or visit SC121.

If you cannot reach an officer on duty, CALL 9-1-1.

In the event you do not feel safe walking alone on campus, please call the Security Office at 920-498-5699 to arrange an escort. We are happy to help keep you safe.

How to report Criminal Activity

To report an emergency, crime or criminal activity on campus, call the Security Office. Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Officers will respond to all reports for emergencies, crimes and/or criminal activity. Officers will complete an Incident Report for any crime occurring on Northeast Wisconsin Technical College property. For further information on the incident reporting process, please review the Incident Reporting Procedure.


Call Campus Security at 920-498-5699 or stop by the Green Bay Campus office in SC121.