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Graduate Success

2017-2018 Graduate Outcome Report

92% of grads are employed within six months of graduation.

Median salary of associate degree grads: $42,000 six months after graduation.

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Percent Employed

92% of 2017-2018 graduates available for employment were employed six months after graduation, and 77.8% of those had jobs in their field of study.

92%25 of NWTC Graduates are Employed 6 months after graduation

Satisfaction with Training

97.7% of NWTC Graduates are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their training

97.7%25 of NWTC graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with their training

Why graduates choose NWTC

22.6% Preparation for Getting a Job

19.1% Make a Career Change

11.9% Improve Existing Job Skills

8.1% Prepare for Further Education

2.1% Personal Interest

3.0% Other Reasons

Location of Employment

80.2% of graduates work in the NWTC district and 95.5% work in Wisconsin.

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About the Data

This information contains Graduate Follow-Up Survey employment-related findings for Summer 2017 through Spring 2018 graduates at approximately 6 months after graduation. All 2,624 graduates were contacted via email and/or phone and asked to complete the survey; and 1,812 graduates completed the survey.​​​

Report Definitions

Number of graduates — Count of program graduates as of survey date.

Percent employed — Portion of survey respondents available for employment reporting full- or part-time employment approximately 6 months after graduation.

Percent employed in field — Portion of survey respondents reporting employment who have a job related to their specific program of study.

Median annual wage — Of graduates reporting full-time, related jobs, this is the annualized salary of the middle graduate when salaries are ranked from low to high. * Indicates not enough wage data collected via survey.