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Academic Year: 2021-2022

Prototype & Design Associate Degree

Program Code 106142

As a graduate of the Prototype and Design program, you will be skilled in 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, hand fabrication, high quality painting and finishing, 3D drawing software, CNC machining, and RTV model making. You can build a variety of three-dimensional prototypes and models for use in manufacturing, consumer products, and other fields of product development. You will also be able to construct three-dimensional models for use in props, architectural design, and mechanical design. Your skills will emphasize problem solving and critical thinking across all aspects from design to model completion. Career opportunities include product development, prototype model builder, engineering design, architectural model builder, RTV mold maker, rapid prototype technician, and pattern maker.

Average Starting Salary

$46,796.00FT Median Annual Wage

Graduate Employment

With 75% Employed in Field

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This program is offered at:

Green Bay

Requirements for Program Entry

  • Completed application.
  • High school transcript or equivalent. (For a list of equivalents, go to www.nwtc.edu/gettingstarted.)
  • High school background in mathematics and science.
  • High school algebra or equivalent.
  • To be admitted to this program, learners must achieve a prior cumulative high school or college grade point average of 2.6 or higher OR a satisfactory academic skills assessment score. College grade point average must be based on 15 credits or more. To learn more about starting this program, please contact an academic advisor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word and File Management.
Curriculum: Students following the study plan below will compete the Prototype and Design Technician associate degree in the number of semesters shown.
First Semester
Semester Total
Second Semester
Semester Total
Third Semester
Semester Total
Fourth Semester
Semester Total
Total Credits

Curriculum Note: The credit for 10-890-101, College 101 is an institutional Requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program requirements, but must be passed with a C or better.

It is acceptable for students to take 10-804-118, Interm Algebra w Apps and 10-804-196, Trigonometry w Apps as alternatives to 10-804-113, College Technical Math 1A and 10-804-114, College Technical Math 1B.

Course Descriptions