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Medical Asst Clin Procedures 2

Course Number: 31509306
Credits: 3.00

Course Description

31-509-306 MEDICAL ASST CLIN PROCEDURES 2 ...prepares medical assistant students to perform patient care skills in the medical office setting. Students perform clinical procedures including administering medications, performing an electrocardiogram, assisting with respiratory testing, coaching patients, and assisting with emergency situations in an ambulatory care setting. Students learn preventive care and principles of nutrition. (Prerequisites: 31-509-301 Medical Asst Admin Procedures; 31-509-304 Medical Asst Clin Procedures 1; 31-509-303 Medical Asst Lab Procedures 1; 31-509-302 Human Body in Health & Disease; 10-501-101 Medical Terminology; 10-501-107 Intro to Health Care Computing; Pre/Corequisites: 31-509-305 Med Asst Lab Procedures 2; 31-509-307 Med Office Insurance & Finance; 31-509-308 Pharm for Allied Health; 31-509-309 Medical Law, Ethics & Profess; 31-509-310 Medical Assistant Practicum)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Apply pharmacology principles to the preparation and administration of non-parenteral medications.
  2. Administer parenteral (excluding IV) medications
  3. Explore principles of nutrition
  4. Coach patients related to health maintenance, disease prevention, and treatment
  5. Develop a current list of community resources related to patients' healthcare needs
  6. Perform electrocardiograms
  7. Perform pulmonary function testing
  8. Identify the medical assistant's role in patient emergency situations