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Academic Year: 2021-2022

Court Reporting Associate Degree

Program Code 101702

You've seen high profile trials with a person keying the testimony into a stenograph machine or read the scrolling captions for the hearing-impaired on your TV screen. The person recording the spoken words at speeds ranging from 180 to 225 words a minute is a court reporter. If you're an excellent listener, have strong language and communications skills, and are committed to accuracy and confidentiality, a career in court reporting may be a perfect fit for you.

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LTC offers its Court Reporting program in cooperation with technical colleges across the state. As a court reporting student, you'll:

Attend live, interactive TV classes sent from LTC to NWTC.

Take general studies classes and labs at your local technical college.

This program is eligible for financial aid through the partner college.

Requirements for Program Entry

  • Court Reporting is a collaborative program between LTC and NWTC. Application for this program must be completed through LTC.
Curriculum: Court Reporting is a collaborative program between Lakeshore Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Students attend ITV classes sent from LTC to NWTC.
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Curriculum Note: The following beginning courses are required prior to advanced courses: 10-170-121, Jury Charge I-Beginner 10-170-122, Jury Charge II-Beginner 10-170-113, Literary I-Beginner 10-170-114, Literary II-Beginner 10-170-153, Testimony I-Beginner 10-170-154, Testimony II-Beginner

The following courses are offered only at Lakeshore Technical College: 10-801-195, Written Communication 10-806-112, Principles of Sustainability

The following optional courses are recommended for skills enhancement: 10-170-140, Realtime Reporting Speed Maintenance 10-170-161, Realtime Reporting Technology Adv (Fall) Skillbuilding 1, 2, or 3 (recommended in Summer Semester)

Course Descriptions