New Programs

New Ways to Soar Higher

Take the first step toward a new future with one of NWTC's new degree programs. All of them are developed with employer input and offer real world skills to launch your career.

IT data analytics

Data Analytics Associate Degree

As businesses collect more data, there's increased need to interpret, analyze, and present that data to key stakeholders. Learn to do so using best practices and relevant technologies.


criminal justice student

Justice & Community Advocacy Associate Degree

Start your path to high-demand careers in community advocacy, corrections, probation and parole, criminal justice, private investigation, and emergency dispatch.


substance use counseling

Substance Use Disorder Counseling Associate Degree

Prepare for work with addiction issues in settings such as substance abuse counseling, corrections, employee and student assistance, and social services.


career tech ed

Career & Technical Education Instruction Associate Degree

Get the education needed to qualify for experience-based technical and vocational education pathway with the WI Dept. of Public Instruction.


diesel maintenance technician

Diesel Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma

This one-year program provides students with basic entry-level skills to work as a maintenance technician in a diesel heavy equipment or truck repair facility.


Landscape Technician Technical Diploma

Landscape Technician Technical Diploma

Create outdoor spaces to inspire! Pick up skills to start your horticulture career, including plant identification, hardscape and plant installation, and landscaping equipment operation.


additive manufacturing students

Additive Manufacturing Local Certificate

This certificate prepares aspiring and experienced designers with the latest skills in additive manufacturing: sketching, modeling, prototyping, 3D printing, and more.


telecommunication tower technician

Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 Certificate

Get educational and hands-on experience with safety, fall protection, electricity, fiber optics, wireless technology, cell components, antenna basics, and spectrum management.