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Associate of Science Transfer - Associate Degree

Start a bachelor’s degree at NWTC with our new, two-year transfer program: Associate of Science. Once you’ve completed the liberal arts associate degree (with emphasis on math and science courses), you’ll be able to transfer to a four-year university or college with junior status. 

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Start your bachelor’s here and save thousands in tuition.   
A course credit at a four-year public university is $328, but one NWTC course credit is only $158. When you earn an associate of science degree and transfer your credits to a four-year college, you’ll enter as a junior and have saved roughly 40% on your bachelor’s degree!  Compare the costs now 

Undecided on a college major? 

Complete general education requirements – focusing on math, science, and other STEM classes – while deciding on your career.  It’s the smart way to earn a degree.

Questions? Our friendly staff is here to help you. Contact us today.  

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What will I learn?

Students of the Associate of Science Transfer Degree will complete courses in the following degree plan:

View the degree plan (PDF)