Manufacturing Programs

You’re a problem solver with a love for all things high-tech and hands-on. There’s a place for people like you in the advanced manufacturing world. We’ll help you get there.

  • Get the salary you deserve. Our 2017 grads from four Manufacturing programs reported earning a median starting salary between $41,063 and $52,917. See more high-pay programs.

  • Be choosy in your career search. Grads will skills have options. For example, there were five jobs available for every NWTC 2017 Automation Engineering Technology grad and 25 jobs available for every Supply Chain Management grad. Learn more about grad success.

  • Go on to earn your bachelor’s degree. Did you know you can save $1,000s in tuition by starting your four-year degree at NWTC? Credits in many of our Manufacturing programs transfer seamlessly to four-year colleges or universities. See where your NWTC credits will take you.

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