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Farm Business & Production Management Technical Diploma

Program Code: 300901

As a graduate of the Farm Business and Production Management program, you have the skills needed to compete and be profitable in the ever-changing agricultural economy. You are prepared to own and operate or be employed on today's modern farms. With additional education and/or work experience, you may become a dairy herdsperson, general farm manager, farm records manager, crop supervisor, livestock feeding specialist, farm equipment and facilities maintenance manager, farm service employee, and field equipment operator.


Employment Potential

A graduate of the program will have basic skills necessary to own and operate or be employed on a farm.

With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find other opportunities for employment.

• Dairy Herdsperson
• General Farm Manager
• Farm Records Manager
• Crop Supervisor
• Livestock Feeding Specialist
• Farm Equipment and Facilities Maintenance Manager
• Farm Service Employee
• Field Equipment Operator


Requirements for Program Entry

• Completed application.
• Communications: ability to listen, write complete sentences, spell accurately, and express ideas well verbally.
• Science: basic plant and animal biology, chemistry, and applied physics.
• Students should have mastered basic math skills. Basic math is defined as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Program Availability

FULL TIME Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Green Bay
Paper Application
Sturgeon Bay
The Farm Business and Production Management Technical Diploma is a six-year, part-time program. Upon graduation, a student will have completed 24 credits.
30-090-387 FARM RECORD/BUSINESS ANALYSIS ...Farm Business mission, objectives, goals, use of farm credit, farm business arrangements, orderly farm transfer, farm estate planning, farm income tax preparation, computer records and farm business analysis.
30-090-388 CROP MANAGEMENT ...economics, alternative crop strategies, production management, variety selection, maintenance fertilization, pest controls and weed chemicals, harvesting, storage, marketing and farm business analysis, specialty crops, government programs and developing crop budgets.
30-090-391 LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT ...livestock selection, breeding management, herd health, young stock management, selection, operation and maintenance of milking, feeding, ventilation and manure handling systems, farm buildings, feed storage and farm business analysis.
30-090-392 LIVESTOCK NUTRITION ...nutritional terminology feeding management, economics of feeds, nutritional terminology requirements for maintenance, estimating feed consumption, feed tag labels for protein, energy, minerals and vitamins, evaluate feeding programs and metabolic diseases.
30-090-393 SOIL MANAGEMENT ...preparing and implementing a land use plan, soil testing procedures and reports, corrective fertilizers, soil conservation, tillage operations, nutrient management plan and implementations.
30-090-394 FARM BUSINESS OPERATION organization, budgeting, cash flow, financial statements, record keeping systems, tax issues, business structure for farm operation, credit needs, farm business analysis, farm safety, employee management, marketing plan.

Program Outcomes

• Calculate farm business cost of production for forage, grain, beef, pork, and milk
• Prepare and assess a livestock management plan that is environmentally friendly
• Prepare and assess a business financial plan
• Develop and assess a soil and crop management plan that is environmentally friendly
• Own, operate, and/or be employed in an agriculture-related industry
• Implement a business, soil, crop, and livestock management plan that is environmentally friendly