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Farm Business Operation

Course Number: 30090394
Credits: 4.00

Course Description

30-090-394 FARM BUSINESS OPERATION organization, budgeting, cash flow, financial statements, record keeping systems, tax issues, business structure for farm operation, credit needs, farm business analysis, farm safety, employee management, marketing plan.

Course Typically Offered

  • Summer

Course Competencies

  1. Organize basic farm business through goal setting and economic decision making.
  2. Analyze historical cash flow; develop a projected cash flow.
  3. Develop a financial statement; apply budgeting principles.
  4. Identify factors in arranging farm credit needs.
  5. Design an efficient farm business office and record keeping system.
  6. Determine optimal business structure for farm operations.
  7. Recognize tax issues related to farm business.
  8. Analyze farm business.
  9. Use records to make management decisions.
  10. Develop points, principles, and protocols that should be included in an an employee manual.
  11. Identify standards that employee's may be expected to meet.
  12. Relate farm business goals, objectives, and means of operation through out their changing community.
  13. Compile a list of activities that farm operators may practice to better manage risk in their farm business.
  14. Characterize an attitude and value system that places a high priority on safe practices throughout the farm operation.