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Livestock Management

Course Number: 30090391
Credits: 4.00

Course Description

30-090-391 LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT ...livestock selection, breeding management, herd health, young stock management, selection, operation and maintenance of milking, feeding, ventilation and manure handling systems, farm buildings, feed storage and farm business analysis.

Course Typically Offered

  • Summer

Course Competencies

  1. Review and modify a livestock management plan
  2. Develop a livestock breeding program
  3. Implement farm safety practices for livestock
  4. Review causative agents and prevention of infectious diseases
  5. Identify infectious diseases that affect Wisconsin dairy and livestock operations
  6. Assess dairy or livestock environment including housing, facilities and waste handling
  7. Identify prevention practices for infectious diseases
  8. Develop a livestock biosecurity program
  9. Be aware of how bio terrorism could affect Wisconsin dairy or livestock operations
  10. Develop plans for raising youngstock and calves
  11. Develop animal identification system for a dairy or livestock operation
  12. Develop a livestock and livestock product marketing plan
  13. Develop a plan for installation, operation and maintenance of specialized facilities such as milking systems, manure systems, feeding systems, etc. systems, inc.
  14. Initiate and implement a plan for geographic arrangement, ventilation and utilization of farm buildings
  15. Develop a livestock enterprise production recordkeeping system
  16. Identify, interpret and plan for emerging farm and agriculture issues and practices
  17. Conduct a farm business analysis and plan strategies for the coming year