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Farm Record/Business Analysis

Course Number: 30090387
Credits: 4.00

Course Description

30-090-387 FARM RECORD/BUSINESS ANALYSIS ...Farm Business mission, objectives, goals, use of farm credit, farm business arrangements, orderly farm transfer, farm estate planning, farm income tax preparation, computer records and farm business analysis.

Course Typically Offered

  • Summer

Course Competencies

  1. Organize basic farm business through goal setting and economic decision-making.
  2. Define profit/loss statement.
  3. Analyze historical cash flow.
  4. Develop a projected cash flow.
  5. Develop a net worth statement.
  6. Analyze farm financial status.
  7. Apply partial budgeting principles.
  8. Utilize effective record-keeping principles
  9. Identify information needed to request farm credit.
  10. Recognize tax issues related to farm business and production management.
  11. Manage an efficient farm business office.
  12. Determine optimal business structure for farm operation.
  13. Calculate cost of production (COP)
  14. Use livestock production records to make management decisions.
  15. Determine crop management strategies based on field production records.
  16. Expired - Identify the factors in arranging farm credit needs.