Music Production Certificate

Program Code: 902064

The Music Production certificate is designed for a person seeking skills in software music creation, music recording, music producing and distribution. The ever-increasing production of both audio and video content is requiring the need for legal production music. Composers and songwriters are recording record amounts of music to sell or license to outlets from local radio and TV stations to major Hollywood productions as well as in video game production. Freelance music production does not need to be centered near large media outlets as the web has created a worldwide distribution network allowing composers to work from virtually anywhere. The ability to record music in even a small home studio has become increasingly economical and can compete on a sound quality level with major recording studios for minimal investment. Some credits from this certificate may be applied toward the Digital Media Technology associate degree.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Record music in a home studio setting.
• Create beats for music production.
• Create original music for media use.
• Develop an online music presence.
• Distribute music online.
• Drive traffic to your online music websites.

Catalog No. Description
10-206-112 PROGRAMMING BEATS ...concept of rhythm, utilizing drums and percussion in various styles with Drummer Tracks and Ultrabeat-Logic's beat creation interface. Musical feel as well as quantizing and expression are explored.
10-206-115 MUSIC SYNTHESIS ...concept of digital synthesis, using various software synthesizers. Creating new sounds and instruments for use in song creation in many styles. FM, Wavetable, Additive, Subtractive as well as sampling based synthesis are discussed.
10-206-121 SAMPLING & REMIXING ...creating sound from many audio sources, manipulating and using those sounds in musical compositions. Changing existing song structure to create extended dance mixes, radio mixes and dubs. Distribution and marketing for the new composer/songwriter, finding musical opportunities.
Certificate Total