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Students record another student talking and edit the audio files on a computer

Audio Recording

The Audio Recording Certificate is designed for a person seeking skills in audio multitrack recording & mixing. Mic placement, gain staging, dynamic range control as well as audio effects are discussed. Students will record musicians of many musical styles in a 32 track digital studio. Students will also deliver final mixes to artists and learn about music distribution through downloads or streaming services. Credits from this certificate may be applied toward the Digital Media Technology Associate Degree.

Program Code: 902062
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Area of Study: Digital Arts

Program Costs & Financial Aid

Tuition: $1,410, Books: $97, Supplies: $0

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How do I get started in this program?

Requirements for Certificate Entry

  • Apply at
  • Submit high school, GED, or HSED transcripts and college transcripts (if applicable) to
  • Tip! Our admission advisors will assist you through every step. Have questions? Connect with NWTC Admissions at or 920-498-5444.

What will I learn?


Second Semester

Semester Total 3
Total Credits 9

What else do I need to know about the program?


  • 10-206-102, Audio Engineering 1 is offered only in the Fall.
  • 10-206-103, Audio Engineering 2 is offered only in the Spring.