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What if your students could start building technology and mathematical skills needed for advanced manufacturing while still in high school? Thanks to NWTC mobile training labs, they can.

The labs and lab aids deliver high tech training to rural high schools. To inquire more about our mobile lab services, please contact Nicole Goodacre at

Electro-mchanical Training Lab

Electromechanical Training Lab

  • Includes 12 student workstations and an instructor station.
  • Delivers electromechanical and automation training.
  • Emphasizes the assembly, installation, troubleshooting, repair, modification, and control of mechanical and electrical systems found on industrial machinery.
  • Utilizes NWTC's patented MobileModular trainers which are made up of standard components affixed to metal plates and are able to be carried from place to place. The trainers can also be connected together to simulate a variety of electromechanical systems.
A student and teacher work together on a mobile modular system

Mobile Modular Training Systems

Innovative training equipment and curriculum to train advanced manufacturing skills. Mobile Modular Training Systems were developed by instructors who wanted real life classroom and lab experiences for their students. These trainers are portable, flexible and can be used in a variety of settings - from labs to classrooms, to portable classrooms. The primary goal is to better prepare students for entering the workforce.  Learn more about Mobile Modular »

See a mobile lab for free

If you’d like to tour a lab and preview its features, schedule a free mobile lab visit to your high school. Contact Nicole Goodacre at