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Teaching Transcripted Credit

Transcripted credit instructors teach college-level courses using NWTC curriculum at their high school. This helps high school students jumpstart their college careers and save money on their future degrees!

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If you're a high school teacher who teaches (or will be teaching) transcripted credit at your school, this information is for you. You'll find teacher requirements along with helpful resources including the Dual Credit Resource Guide for High School Teachers and Administrators.

Step 1: Create or Update a NWTC ID# and Username. 

Download step-by-step instructions on how to create an NWTC Account

Special Note: Email addresses for transcripted credit instructors must be the high school work email only.  Example:  This work email address is sent a security code to activate your NWTC ID/Username account.  (Unsure if you have an existing NWTC ID#/Username? Email:

Step 2: Complete and submit the following documentation as required:

  • Qualification Application 
  • Copy of DPI License(s)
  • Experienced Licensure Documentation (Resume with articulated experience noted)
  • Copy of Unofficial transcripts (Undergraduate & Graduate)  

Email documents to:

Step 3: Meet annually with NWTC Faculty

High School Instructors are required to meet annually with NWTC Faculty to ensure curriculum and course content standards are met.  Below is a list of options that NWTC provides. 

  • Spring Summit (Required)
  • Train the Trainer course(s) - (Required for some courses)
  • Separate meeting with NWTC Faculty Curriculum Mentor. Additionally, there are other resources and lab criteria that are required for Transcripted Credit.  Please review the Transcripted Credit Policy & Procedures within the Dual Credit Resource Guide for more information.

If you run into any difficulties with this process, please email or call 920-498-5571 for assistance.

Step 4: Create and email a class syllabus for your class 

Email a copy of the completed syllabus to the identified NWTC department before the first day of your class. This is standard procedure for all classes taught at NWTC. (The syllabus template can be located by clicking the box above title Transcripted Credit Instructor Support)  

General Studies -
College of Business -
Health Sciences -
Trades -

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