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Dr. Rafn NWTC President attends a ribbon cutting at the Bay Link partnership

NWTC and K12 Partnerships

Together, we can increase the college and career readiness of your high school students.

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Through K12 Partnerships collaborations, NWTC and its K12 partners are enabling students to earn college credits while still in high school.

School districts can customize their partnership collaborations to fit their capacity and goals:

  • The majority of the region’s K12 school districts currently offer one or more dual credit classes, including transcripted credit, Advanced Standing, Start College Now and Youth Apprenticeship.
  • Some K-12 districts have strengthened their commitment to college and career readiness by building career pathways for their students. 

Regional Technical Academies

Partner with NWTC and neighboring school districts to share resources and provide more early college opportunities for your students.

Learn more about Regional Technical Academies

Career Pathways

Through career pathways, students can earn from 3 to 26 college credits toward specific careers – like nursing assistant and automotive – before they even graduate from high school! That strong start allows students to save thousands of dollars in tuition and makes it more likely they will persist and earn a post-secondary credential. 

Career pathways clearly connect high school students to the workforce – with an emphasis on attaining a higher education credential.

Mobile Labs

Provide your students with technical and mathematical skills needed for advanced manufacturing –delivered to your high school. 

Learn more about Mobile Labs

Partnership Benefits

NWTC partners with school districts to create beneficial outcomes for students, the community, and workforce:

  • Increased awareness of career pathways in technical occupations for high school students and their parents
  • Increased engagement and performance of high school students through delivery of STEM curriculum and hands-on, industry-aligned learning
  • Increased number of students pursuing a credential beyond high school, building and sustaining a skilled workforce in our communities
  • Shared resources among educational partners and professional development opportunities for high   school teachers
  • Tuition savings for dual credit students upon transfer of credits to NWTC (or other colleges/universities that accept the credits).


Pathways to College Annual Report
View the year’s dual credit opportunities, activities, and results.

District Workforce Data
See the district’s top occupations, skills, qualifications and more.

Start or Strengthen Your Partnership with NWTC

Do you want to increase your dual credit offerings or establish a technical academy in your school district? Want more information about the benefits of career pathways? Contact NWTC today!

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