A grant is "free" money that can help you pay for your education. Grants usually have a financial component that must be met in order to qualify for them, and can be awarded by the federal government, colleges, or even private institutions. Grants usually do not need to  be paid back and instead are offered as a "gift" to the student to assist in paying for their education.  Grants differ from scholarships in that they are open to everyone and are awarded based on your financial aid need, where scholarships are awarded based on meeting very specific criteria and are open only for a select group of students.

Federal Pell Grant Program
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
Fund For Wisconsin Scholars Grant (Private Fund)
Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant (BIA)
Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant
Wisconsin Grant (Formerly Wisconsin Higher Education Grant)
Wisconsin Hearing & Visually Handicapped Student Grant
Wisconsin Indian Student Assistance Grant (WIAG)
Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant
Wisconsin Nursing Student Loan
Wisconsin Talent Incentive Program Grant (TIP)