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Plant Healthcare Management Certificate

Plants with identifying signs

Program Code: 900015

The concepts of plant health care management focuses on trees and shrubs; and the management of insects, diseases, and a biotic disorder. Plant health care operations in the private and public sector will be examined as it would function during an actual growing season. Control options and strategies in pest control, soil management, and a biotic disorder will be emphasized. The course is designed for a student to have the foundation knowledge to enter into a plant health care technician position.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Understand the principles of plant health care management.
• Understand tree biology.
• Apply urban tree maintenance knowledge and application.
• Develop diagnostic and management skills for tree health disorders.
• Manage insects and diseases that affect tree health.
• Know how to manage/control for tree health.
• Manage PHC route.
• Maintenance of PHC route client cards.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 100014, Landscape Horticulture

Catalog No. Description
10-001-110 HORTICULTURE-INTRODUCTION ...explore the horticulture industry, plant culture, identification, propagation, physiology, selected aspects of horticulture industry including fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, greenhouse systems, landscape techniques, home gardens, and turf.
10-001-116 HORTICULTURAL SOILS ...this course provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge skills process and understanding of soil formation, fertility, evaluation, sound management practices and alternative mediums. (Prerequisite: 10-001-110, Horticulture-Intro)
10-001-123 Plant Health Care Management focusing on trees and shrubs in their management of insects, diseases and abiotic disorders, control options and strategies in pest control, soil management. (Prerequisite: 10-001-172 Landscape Maintenance)
10-001-141 HORTICULTURAL OPERATIONS ...explore the operations of a horticultural enterprise. The focus will be on business objectives, regulations, estimating, record keeping, equipment and accepted practices. Sustainability, supervision and industry credentialing will also be examined.
10-001-117 APPLIED BOTANY ...this course provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge skills process and understanding of taxonomy, plant morphology, plant physiology, reproductive processes and environmental interactions.
10-001-158 PLANT-WOODY ORNAMENTAL ...physiology, culture, identification, and use of primarily temperate woody plant materials appropriate for landscapes in northeastern Wisconsin.
10-001-170 INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT...various methods to combat plant pests in an environmentally responsible manner; using biorational techniques and strategies.
10-001-172 LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE ...identifying problems and cultural challenges in the landscape; pruning techniques, insect/disease problems, weed identification; soil fertility; resolve situations in the field. (Prerequisites: 10-001-110, Horticulture-Introduction; 10-001-116, Horticultural Soils)
Certificate Total