Officers and Committees


President:  Char Rowe, 920.743.5771

Vice President: John J. Beck, 920.493.6828

Secretary:  Suzanne Holvenstot, 920.743.1089

Treasurer:  Mike Egan, 920.743.7812

Members at Large:
  • Renée Bauernfeind, 920.743.9799
  • George Roenning, 920.743.6732 and
  • Dennis Skahen, 920.743.3496

NWTC Liaison: Cheryl Tieman, 920.746.4904

Steering Committee

Financial Chair: Mike Egan, 920.743.7812
Curriculum Co-Chairs:
     Bonnie Connolly, 920.746.9199 and
     Linda LeClair, 920.901.4710
     Incoming Chair:  Mary Koski
Social Committee 
     Judy Jaeschke, 920.365.2204 and
     Judy LaMacchia, 920.868.9030

Past President: John J. Beck, 920.493.6828
Administrative Assistants: 
     Renée Bauernfeind and
     Monica Nelson, 920.746.4947

Board of Directors meeting dates and times can be obtained by calling the DCLIR office, (920) 746-4947. All members of DCLIR are invited to attend the Board of Directors meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

THURSDAYS AT 8:30 A.M.: February 15, March 15, April 19, May 17, June 15.

Meeting Minutes

NWTC Contacts

Cheryl Tieman, NWTC Liaison, (920) 746-4904

Renée Bauernfeind and Monica Nelson, DCLIR Office Assistants,
(920) 746-4947

LIR Volunteer Opportunities

This program is operated solely on volunteer energy. Please be a part of it so that the program can continue. Following are some opportunities:

  • Curriculum Committee – Committee members act as liaison between the LIR Office and presenters to create each semester's classes.  As a Contacter:  research,  contact and set up classes and presenters.   As a Coordinator, assist the LIR Office and presenters to prepare course handouts, set up classroom, take attendance and handle course feedback. 
  • Finance Committee – Oversees the financial matters of the organization.
  • Social Committee –  Plans and oversees social events for LIR members.
  • Volunteer Committee - Our Volunteer Committee is in the process of reorganizing; for more information, call (920) 746-4947, or email:​​

The planning and execution of the entire LIR program is as enriching as the actual course offerings. Please do not hesitate to help - you'll be glad you did!