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Where creativity happens.

Artisan and Business Center

Where creativity happens.

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Looking for Credit Classes? Follow the link below, select the term, and search for "Ceramics" 

NWTC Credit Classes

Learn more about NWTC resources for Artisan Entrepreneurs. Get the help you need to start or grow your business from the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Opportunities for Community Partners

The NWTC Artisan and Business Center offers professional development and team-building opportunities for area businesses and nonprofit organizations. We can design personalized art programming and projects based on your organization’s goals. We also provide K-12 art programming for homeschool students and public and private schools.

Business Offerings K12 & Youth Offerings
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Come visit the Artisan Center!

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NWTC Craft Artisan Initiative is to promote the production of crafts in the NWTC District as a means of fostering the creation of new job opportunities through the entrepreneurial model.

NWTC seeks to provide technical and business training for aspiring and practicing craft artisans. The college wishes to promote the appreciation and awareness of art through collaborative partnerships in the community.

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1417 Cedar Street, Green Bay, WI 54302