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<p>Where creativity happens.</p>

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<p>1417 Cedar Street | Green Bay, WI 54302<br />
<a data-mce-href="tel:+19205445018" href="tel:+19205445018">920-544-5018</a><br />
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Artisan and Business Center

Where creativity happens.

Contact Us:

1417 Cedar Street | Green Bay, WI 54302

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Quarterly Clay Challenge

Quarter 3 Clay Challenge
10-12" tall animal 
Submission Deadline 3/25
Facebook voting 3/28-4/4 (12pm-12pm)
Winner announced 4/4 


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Meet Our Team:

Jan Scoville

Jan Scoville
Dean of Regional Learning
Artisan Center Manager

Carrie Dorski

Carrie Dorski
Operations Coordinator

Melanie Bradshaw Motiff

Melanie Bradshaw Motiff
Instruction & Curriculum Coordinator

Annie Stenseth

Annie Stenseth
Ceramics Studio Coordinator

Liz Sommers

Liz Sommers
Office Assistant

Alicia O'Donnell

Alicia O'Donnell
Office Assistant

1417 Cedar Street, Green Bay, WI 54302

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  • W: 9am-5pm
  • Th: 9am-7:30pm
  • F: 9am-2:30pm
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The Artisan and Business Center promotes the production of art in the NWTC district as a means of fostering the creation of new job opportunities through the entrepreneurial model. NWTC seeks to provide technical and business training for aspiring and practicing artisans. 

The College promotes the appreciation and awareness of art through collaborative partnerships, year-round credit and non-credit classes, as well as open studio.