Door County Learning in Retirement (DCLIR)

Door County Learning in Retirement
Current Members and Friends:

Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce that DCLIR is ready to bring 54 new virtual classes to you while you stay ‘Safe at Home’ (at home in Wisconsin or wherever home is and an internet is available). Our catalog has been printed and will be delivered during the week of January 11, 2021 with classes starting on February 15, 2021. Both paper and online registrations are accepted starting January 11 and throughout the Spring 2021 term. You are encouraged to use the contact information below for more assistance.  In-person assistance is available by appointment only. (Please note: One catalog per address is being mailed.)

Reminder: No further payment is needed from anyone who purchased an annual membership when registering for Fall 2020 classes. If you did not purchase a membership in the Fall, the fee for purchasing a membership now is $50 with registration for the Spring 2021 term. Payments made by check are made payable to NWTC.

Thank you for your support of Door County Learning in Retirement. We look forward to serving you by phone and/or email and ‘seeing you’ for classes on ZOOM in Spring 2021.
We are very grateful to our Curriculum Committee, each of the Presenters and all the Members who are engaged in this ‘brave new world’ of ZOOM in support of Door County Learning in Retirement and its mission to bring opportunities for lifelong learning to the community, especially while ‘safe at home.’

On behalf of the DCLIR Board of Directors, best wishes for good will and good health in 2021,

Dixie and Monica
Administrative Assistants




Door County Learning in Retirement is dedicated to facilitating quality lifelong learning in an open,  ongoing forum for retired or semi-retired adults
in Northeastern Wisconsin.