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If there is a change to an upcoming class, we try to notify everyone as quickly as possible.  If you have a question about an upcoming class, please contact your coordinator as listed in the catalog.

Upcoming changes:

#70 History of the Door County Advocate, Nov. 18, 1-3 pm - new coordinator John Koski, Call LIR Office for number
#126 YMCA: Senior Exercise, Nov. 20, 1-2 pm - new coordinator LIR Office, 920-746-4947
#69 History of Bay Shipbuilding, Nov. 21, 1-3pm - new coordinator Bill Chaudoir, Call LIR Office for number
#107 Stem Cell Treatment, Dec. 5, 1-3pm - MOVED TO CROSSROADS.

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DCLIR Office Hours:  Mon - Friday, 9am - 130pm.  If there are no onsite classes on Fridays, we may take some time off!
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