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We offer something for everyone.

If there is a change to an upcoming class, we try to notify everyone as quickly as possible.  If you have a question about an upcoming class, please contact your coordinator as listed in the catalog.

Upcoming changes:
  • #19 – Cardmaking: February 24, 1-4 pm, LOCATION: TBA
  • #53 - Introduction to Wales - March 26, 1-3 pm, New Coordinator:  Fran Uteg, 706-781-5900
  • #56 - Legal Issues for Seniors - April 14, 10-12, Moved to ADRC, 916 N. 14th Ave.
  • #58 - Living on Washington Island - April 20, 10-12, NEW Coordinator phone:  920-883-8819;  ALSO, class is Moved to the ADRC, 916 N. 14th Ave.
  • #81 - Repurposing in an Artful Manner - April 8, 10-12, Room SC134
Added classes:  Please contact the class coordinators to be added to a class. 
  • #119 - Quantum PC: Learning to Use Your Apple Devices - March 3, 1-3 pm, Coordinator: Helen Cordon, 414-659-7271
  • #120 - Quantum PC: Basic Cyber and Internet Security - March 9, 10-12, Coordinator:  LIR Office, 746-4947
  • #121 - Quantum PC: Computer Backup and Disaster Prevention - March 30, 1-3 pm, Coordinator:  Don Guth, 920-255-3174
  • #122 - Quantum PC: Basics of Wi-Fi and How to Get the Most Out of Your Wireless Network - April 21, 1-3 pm, Coordinator: Tom Mather, 920-915-3767

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DCLIR Office Hours:  Mon - Friday, 9am - 130pm.  If there are no onsite classes on Fridays, we may take some time off!
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