Classes have resumed online and via remote flexible learning. Check email and Blackboard for updates. All NWTC facilities are closed to the public and students until April 24. All campus resources are available by phone, chat, email or text.


Classes at DCLIR

We offer something for everyone.

If there is a change to an upcoming class, we try to notify everyone as quickly as possible.  If you have a question about an upcoming class, please contact your coordinator as listed in the catalog.

Upcoming changes:
  • #56 - Legal Issues for Seniors - April 14, 10-12, Moved to ADRC, 916 N. 14th Ave.
  • #58 - Living on Washington Island - April 20, 10-12, NEW Coordinator phone:  920-883-8819;  ALSO, class is Moved to the ADRC, 916 N. 14th Ave.
  • #81 - Repurposing in an Artful Manner - April 8, 10-12, Room SC134
Added classes:  Please contact the class coordinators to be added to a class.   Detailed information for these classes can be found here:
  • #122 - Quantum PC: Basics of Wi-Fi and How to Get the Most Out of Your Wireless Network - April 21, 1-3 pm, Coordinator: Tom Mather, 920-915-3767

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DCLIR Office Hours:  Mon - Friday, 9am - 130pm.  If there are no onsite classes on Fridays, we may take some time off!
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