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Board of Directors and Committees at DCLIR

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Board of Directors meeting

Board of Directors

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022


President – Jim Mitsche:  920-445-9847

Vice President (By-Laws, Curriculum Co-chair) – Fran Uteg:    706-781-5900

Treasurer - Deborah Rosenthal:  (920) 659-3279

Secretary - Pam Gillespie:  920-743-0210

Members At Large

Suzanne Holvenstot, (Membership Co-Chair):  920-743-1089

Natalie Hagen, (Social Chair):  920-495-5330

Mary Beth Williams (Membership) (DCNPG):  920-746-4070

Renée Bauernfeind, (Membership Co-Chair):  920-743-9799

Mary Koski, (Curriculum Co-Chair):  920-493-9345

NWTC Liaison

April A. Konitzer (Regional Mgr, NWTC Sturgeon Bay Campus):  920-746-4904

Committee Members

Tom Mather, Curriculum:   920-915-3767

Barb Bunning , (Membership):   920-746-4025


John J. Beck, By-Laws:  920-493-6828

Jan Ziemann:   920-559-1509

DCLIR Office 

Joanne Hicks, Administrative Assistant:  920-746-4947

Monica Nelson, Administrative Assistant:  920-746-4947

Past Secretary - Char Rowe:  920-743-5771

Past Treasurer - Janet Gale:  920-365-6750

The Board of Directors meeting dates and times can be obtained by calling the DCLIR office, (920) 746-4947. All members of DCLIR are invited to attend the Board of Directors meetings.

LIR Volunteer Opportunities

Curriculum Committee – Mary Koski, Tom Mather and Fran Uteg are our Curriculum Co-Chairs.  Committee members act as liaison between the DCLIR Office and presenters to create each semester's classes. Committee Members research class ideas and contact presenters. Before class start date, Coordinators keep in contact with the office and assist the presenters to share course handouts, send reminders to registered participants, set up classroom, take attendance and handle course feedback. 

Finance Committee – Oversees the financial matters of the organization.

Social Committee – Plans and oversees social events for DCLIR members including the Holiday Event and the Annual Meeting.  We are hoping to hold these events in person in 2022. 

Membership Committee – Welcoming new members and promoting Door County Learning in Retirement in the community by preparing informational flyers, newspaper advertisements and radio talk shows. 

Other volunteer opportunities may include help with clerical tasks in and around the office: mailings, proofreading, putting together gift bags or handbooks, taking a shift during registration assistance days and of course as a presenter - share your knowledge and experience by presenting a learning opportunity for others. The planning and presentation of the entire DCLIR program is as enriching as the course offerings.                                        

Please do not hesitate to get involved - you'll be glad you did!