Office Professional Technical Diploma

Program Code: 311061

Office Professional graduates are prepared for administrative office positions. Skills are developed in office procedures, workplace communications, proofreading, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases, telephone usage, records management, prioritizing tasks, and keyboarding.

Follow Your Path

All credits in this technical diploma apply toward the following associate degree(s):
• Administrative Professional, 101066
All credits in this technical diploma apply toward the following certificate(s):
• Business Professional Essentials, 611061
• Business Software Essentials, 611062


Employment Potential

A graduate of this program will have the potential for employment in the following areas:

Office Professional: performs a variety of duties related to customer service, scheduling appointments, word processing, record management, filing, and handling mail.

Records Coordinator: works in offices with a great volume of records in which indexing, cross-referencing, filing, retrieving, and charging-out records are important job functions.

Front Desk Coordinator: manages the company’s lobby area, greets and directs all visitors, ensures completion of paperwork, sign-in and security procedures, handles special administrative projects, and manages incoming calls.

Customer Service Representative: receives and places telephone calls, maintains customer relationships by professionally handling questions and concerns, performs data entry, uses software programs, and may require research skills to troubleshoot customer problems.

With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find other opportunities for employment.

• Administrative Professional
• Team Leader
• Certifications such as IAAP and Certification for the Administrative Professional


Requirements for Program Entry

• Completed application.
• High school transcript or equivalent. For a list of equivalents, go to
• Basic math.
• To be admitted to this program, learners must achieve a prior cumulative high school or college grade point average of 2.6 or higher OR a satisfactory academic skills assessment score. College grade point average must be based on 15 credits or more. To learn more about starting this program, please contact an academic advisor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.

Program Availability

FULL TIMESummer 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019
Green Bay
Sturgeon Bay
Not Accepting

Application Checklist

Students following the study plan below will complete the Office Professional technical diploma in the number of semesters shown.
10-103-121 MICRO: WORD-INTRO ...create, edit and format a document, add tables, set page display and print options.
10-103-131 MICRO: EXCEL-INTRO ...editing a worksheet, performing calculations, formatting, creating and modifying charts, working with multiple worksheets, setting page display and printing options.
10-105-101 CAREER PLANNING ...experiential learning introduction. Learn how personal branding allows candidates to differentiate themselves from the competition through appearance, personality, and marketing competency. Career portfolio introduced. (Corequisite: 10-890-101, College 101)
10-106-102 OFFICE introduction to the information processing cycle including new technology, computer system unit, Internet research, input and output devices, software, networks, ergonomics, and data storage.
10-106-131 BUSINESS ENGLISH ESSENTIALS ...develop skills to commuicate more professionally when writing and speaking. Focuses on the development of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation in order to compose error-free business documents. (Corequisite: 10-801-136, English Composition 1)
10-106-153 PROFESSIONAL PROFILE ...developing a professional image and attitude, including study of business ethics and etiquette; goal setting; anger, stress, and time management; understanding of diverse cultures; and development of platform skills.
10-890-101 COLLEGE 101 ...presents learners with exposure to the language of responsibility with an emphasis on two tracks-soft (employability) and learning skills to enhance lifelong learning in academic, career, and personal settings. Course curriculum provides application and reflection of On Course strategies and vocabulary emphasizing the value of a growth mindset. Students should take this course during the first semester of college.
10-103-122 MICRO: WORD 2003-ADVANCED FEATURES UPDATE ...this four-hour course focuses on what is new to Word 2003; working Task Panes, Mail Merge functions including creating, sorting, and filtering, creating and using macros.
10-103-141 MICRO: ACCESS-INTRO ...basic fundamentals of MS Access database software.
10-103-151 MICRO: POWERPOINT-INTRODUCTION ...basic presentation development skills; slide layouts, designs, templates, wizards, master slides, clipart, drawing tools, transitions, animations and hyperlinks.
10-105-103 CAREER PREPARATION ...create professional resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, understand interviewing techniques, participate in a mock interview. Submission of experiential learning proposal. (Prerequisites: 10-105-101, Career Planning; 10-801-136, English Composition 1)
10-106-132 BUSINESS PROOFREADING & EDITING ...develop proofreading and editing skills; improve the ability to quickly recognize errors; edit documents for appropriate content, conciseness, clarity, and point of view. (Prerequisite: 10-106-131, Business English Essentials)
10-106-142 SOFTWARE PROJECTS ...applying Windows and Word features to manage and format business documents while exercising decision-making, increasing efficiency, and enhancing keyboarding skills. Windows, advanced Word, and minimum 45 wpm is highly recommended. (Prerequisite: 10-106-107, Keyboard-Speed Building; Corequisite: 10-103-122, Micro: Word-Part 2)
10-106-154 RECORDS MANAGEMENT ...major systems of filing classification: alphabetic, numeric, geographic and subject; retention and disposition of records; records equipment and technology.
10-106-172 CUSTOMER CONTACT SKILLS...a hands-on approach to dealing with customers on the phone and in-person. Students will delvelop effective and efficient telephone etiquette, messaging, and voicemail skills.
Curriculum Note
. The credit for 10-890-101, College 101 is an Institutional Requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program requirements, but must be passed with a C.

Program Outcomes

• Demonstrate effective workplace communications.
• Apply technology skills to business and administrative tasks.
• Perform routine administrative procedures.
• Maintain internal and external relationships.
• Model professionalism in the workplace.


Industry Credentials

With additional education certifications such as IAAP and Certification for the Administrative Professional can be obtained.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The International Studies staff continually seeks opportunities for students to travel abroad for educational experiences that may be offered in association with program courses. To find out more about which of your program courses may offer an opportunity during the year contact your academic advisor.