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If your grades or pace of completion are below the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards for the first time, you will be placed on Financial Aid Warning Status for one term. During this warning period, you can still get financial aid. After the semester ends, if your academic progress hasn't improved, you will no longer be eligible for future financial aid.

* Any student with less than a 10% completion rate or less than a .50 GPA will be immediately suspended and will not receive a Warning semester.

Not Meets

Students on warning who do not meet either the cumulative progress standards or the term standards are placed on suspension. Suspended students are not eligible to receive financial aid until an appeal is approved or satisfactory academic progress standards are met.


Students have the right to appeal their suspension status based on non-academic, mitigating circumstances (i.e. death of an immediate family member including father, mother, sibling, spouse, or child, an extended illness, hospitalization, or injury of the student). All appeals require third party documentation. Students may appeal Financial Aid Suspension only once. Students who wish to appeal must speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss their appeal and obtain the appeal form. Financial Aid appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee.

The SAP Committee reviews appeals every 2-3 weeks. It is the student's responsibility to submit an appeal in a timely manner. Students are always responsible for all charges on their student bill regardless of financial aid.

If a student believes the Satisfactory Academic Progress status is incorrect due to a grade change, late grade, or completion of an incomplete, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office. Grade changes that occur after the next semester begins will not be reevaluated.

Academic Plan

Students who have an appeal granted are placed on an Academic Plan. While on an Academic Plan, students must review and understand the following information that pertains to continued eligibility for financial aid:
  • Follow the academic plan submitted with your appeal to complete only the classes outlined in your academic plan.
  • Successfully complete 100% of the credits you attempt each semester; maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater each semester. If your program requires you complete certain program courses with a specific grade (A or B) and you fail to meet this requirement, your academic plan will be suspended.
  • Failure to follow the academic plan (including failing, withdrawing from, repeating courses, or taking courses not included in the academic plan) will result in immediate termination of financial aid and you will no longer be eligible for financial aid. You will not be allowed to appeal a second time.
  • Taking classes not included on your academic plan will result in termination of your future financial aid.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater.

Maximum Time Frame

Students are expected to complete their degree/diploma program within a maximum time frame for financial aid purposes. Federal regulations stipulate that the maximum time frame is 150% of the published credit requirement of each eligible program. Students are only eligible to receive financial aid until their cumulative attempted credits plus any transfer credits accepted equals 150% of the required credits for their degree/diploma. Once a student has reached the maximum time frame they are no longer eligible to receive financial aid. Credits are counted starting with the semester the student first enrolled at NWTC even those semesters for which financial aid was not received. Students who reach the maximum time frame are immediately suspended from financial aid eligibility. If at any point in time the Financial Aid Office determines that the student cannot complete their program within the 150% time frame the student will be immediately suspended from future financial aid for the remainder of their program, even if currently meeting the SAP standards.

Maximum Time Frame Examples
Program Credits Required for Graduation Max credits (including transfer credits)
Accounting Associate Degree 68 102
Medical Assistant Technical Diploma 32 48