Student Testimonials

What are current and past students saying about the ADN program?

Chad Griepentrog, May 2010 Graduate
What I liked most about the ADN program was the focus that was placed on "hands-on" learning through clinical rotations. Being able to put into practice the knowledge that was gained in the classroom was helpful in building an ability to think critically, whether it is answering NCLEX style questions or taking care of a patient and planning their care.
- Chad Griepentrog, May 2010 graduate
Connie Mayer, current Marinette ADN student
The instructors want to me to succeed just as much as I want to succeed. Many resources are provided, such as websites and videos to improve our learning. As advice to any ADN student, take every opportunity you can get to look into these resources.  
- Connie Mayer, current Marinette ADN student
Cynthia Lopez, December 2010 graduate
The ADN program offers many options as far as scheduling; I found it very helpful to be able to take many of my classes online and others in the evening. This program keeps the working adult in mind and the staff is very much understanding of our parenting responsibilities being our priority.
- Cynthia Lopez, December 2010 graduate  
Theresa Barr-Drew, December 2010 graduate
NWTC has helped me earn a degree in a very employable field. I am middle aged and could not afford to graduate with a mountain of debt! I will be able to sit for the NCLEX exam and be qualified for the same jobs as a graduate from an expensive private college.
- Theresa Barr-Drew, December 2010 graduate