ADN Students Completing LPN

If you are currently enrolled in all 2nd semester courses of the Associate Degree Nursing Curriculum, including all General Education courses (Written Communication, Oral/Interpersonal Communication, Developmental Psychology and General A&P), you are eligible to apply for Licensing as a Practical Nurse.

Licensing as an LPN allows you to work as an LPN while completing your ADN course work. You will remain in the Associate Degree Nursing program after you license as an LPN, unless you notify us otherwise.

Please complete the steps below by mid-semester.

Before you can register for NCLEX PN (Practical Nursing Boards):

1. Apply for admission to the Practical Nursing Program

Complete an application and submit it at the Welcome Center Desk (SC139): ADN Application to Practical Nursing

  • Bring the completed, printed application to SC240 and submit to Katie Gilson (920-491-2665) or Barbara Stumpf (920-498-6987).
  • You are not required to pay the $30 application fee.
  • Please write “LPN/RN” at the top of your application. This will help us process your application more quickly.
  • Once your application is processed, you will be graduated out of Practical Nursing.

Official Graduation Date: If you complete all classes from the LPN curriculum by Dec. 17, 2012, then your graduation date from the LPN program will be Dec. 17, 2012. If you complete your coursework by May 15, 2013, your official graduation date will be May 15, 2013. If you completed those classes in a prior semester, your “official” graduation date is indicated on the transcript in your my.NWTC account.

2. Pay ALL NWTC financial accounts

Failure to pay all student accounts including library fines will delay your registration for NCLEX. NWTC will not send verification of graduation to the state until accounts are paid in full.

3. Check your transcript

Make sure transfer credits and all course credits are included on your transcript. All first year ADN program curriculum must be present on your transcripts (excluding Advanced A&P).

4. Complete state licensing paperwork

You will receive an email from Jan Flegel, (920) 498-5430, HS310, with directions on completing the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing and NCLEX LPN license application paperwork. Jan's email will indicate a time frame for following up with her in completing these requirements. The licensing email will be sent out no later than mid-October for December graduates and by mid-March for May graduates.

As a graduate of Practical Nursing:

  • You will receive a diploma. You will not pay a fee for the diploma.
  • You can choose to walk in the December or May graduation ceremony (depending on your completion date). If you walk in the ceremony, there is a nominal fee for a graduation robe.
  • Your name will be published in the Commencement Booklet.
  • An email will be sent to your myMail account with directions on ordering the diploma, walking in the ceremony, and choosing newspapers for your graduation announcement.