Social Media Design Certificate

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Program Code: 901115

The Social Media Design Certificate develops learner's skills with marketing and design for social media and mobile device Internet spaces. Learners create images and graphic designs for the World Wide Web and Social Media Deliveries. Learners will use Adobe Creative Cloud application software to design and deliver projects. Learners develop skills for social media engagement and best marketing practices.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Use Adobe Photoshop to create raster images and graphics.
• Use Adobe Illustrator to create vector based graphics.
• Use Adobe Muse to create interface based web design.
• Design a wireframe for web based designs.
• Create advertising media for web spaces.
• Format graphic designs for delivery to web spaces.
• Identify effective social media environments.
• Organize a marketing plan utilizing social media.
• Develop social media for relevant platforms.
• Develop responsive web-based media designs for mobile devices.
• Analyze the effectiveness of social media advertising.
• Deploy available web-based collateral resources for social media.


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• A high school diploma or equivalent.
• Proficiency on Internet browser applications on Mac or PC.

Catalog No. Description
10-111-101 PHOTOSHOP FUNDAMENTALS ...perform raster Image Editing. Course content covers functions of Adobe Photoshop. Create image selections, extractions and composite files using Adobe software, and apply common photo adjustments using fundamental design solutions, creating composite images.
10-111-161 ILLUSTRATOR FUNDAMENTALS ...develop basic knowledge and skills using Adobe Illustrator, apply vector graphic strategies into graphic design medias and integration into other software packages. Course content covers creating basic shapes, drawing, transforming elements, working with type, blending, layers and special effects.
10-111-130 ONLINE MEDIA DESIGN presentation design and develop graphics for presentation and online use. Course content covers styling web pages and sites for presentation, emphasizing delivery using integrated media technique for various devices using Adobe Muse. (Prerequisite: 10-111-101, Photoshop Fundamentals)
10-104-119 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ...cover the current state of social media and provide perspective on trends moving forward. Learn about the opportunities social media provides, what interactions mean for a business, and how communication has changed. A strategic plan will be developed to understand the needs of a social media marketing campaign through research, discovery, and thoughtful content creation.
10-104-172 DIGITAL MARKETING introduction into online marketing content management. From content creation and scheduling to current and trending digital tools, prepare for a world that is growing and changing every day. Create the foundation for a digital strategy that utilizes key concepts.
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