Entrepreneurship Certificate

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No one has your passion.

It’s more than being your own boss. It’s living your purpose.

You’ve got a spark inside you. To build your own small business, or maybe to manage someone else’s startup. With the Entrepreneurship associate degree, you’ll get the knowledge and skills needed to take that spark and turn it into something amazing.

Program Code: 901451

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is a series of credit courses targeted to educate learners about the opportunities and essence of entrepreneurship and how to start, run, and manage profitable businesses.

Approximate Certificate Costs


Tuition: $2,434

Books: $71

Certificate Completers will be able to

  • Assess readiness to begin the entrepreneurial adventure.
  • Emphasize the importance of good financial record-keeping systems, reports, and records.
  • Develop a marketing plan including components for product/service, price, place, and promotion.
  • Strategically service customers.
  • Prepare and present a business plan.
First Semester
Semester Total
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