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Program Code: 901451

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is a series of credit courses targeted to educate learners about the opportunities and essence of entrepreneurship and how to start, run, and manage profitable businesses.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Assess readiness to begin the entrepreneurial adventure.
• Emphasize the importance of good financial record-keeping systems, reports, and records.
• Develop a marketing plan including components for product/service, price, place, and promotion.
• Strategically service customers.
• Prepare and present a business plan.

Catalog No. Description
10-145-185 ORGANIZING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS ...the components of small business ownership; examining a variety of small business startup and operation scenarios. Assesses your own readiness to begin the entrepreneurial adventure.
10-145-186 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT-SMALL BUSINESS ...the importance of good recordkeeping systems, reports, and the records necessary for a small business. Financial analysis techniques are explored through hands-on Income statements and cash flow projections for small businesses.
10-145-187 MARKETING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS ...implement and evaluate a marketing plan for their small business. Students will develop a marketing plan for a selected small business. Components of the plan include market research, customer focus, quality, pricing, and advertising.
10-145-188 ENTREPRENEURIAL SERVICE MANAGEMENT ...the elements of your successful business with a strategic plan that focuses on servicing your customer with a winning attitude, performance, teamwork, and competition.
10-145-189 WRITING A BUSINESS PLAN-SMALL BUSINESS a necessary component to beginning a small business, from addressing facets of the business plan, observing various types of plans, to realizing readiness to begin. Plan preparation/presentation are required.
Certificate Total