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Marketing Your Small Business

Course Number: 10145187
Credits: 3.00

Course Description

10-145-187 MARKETING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS ...implement and evaluate a marketing plan for their small business. Students will develop a marketing plan for a selected small business. Components of the plan include market research, customer focus, quality, pricing, and advertising. (Co-requisite 10-145-185 Organizing Your Small Business)

Course Typically Offered

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Explain the meaning of marketing and its importance you all organizations.
  2. Develop a marketing plan for small business.
  3. Examine the marketing research function.
  4. Analyze the core elements of relationship marketing.
  5. Analyze promotional strategies for your small business.
  6. Analyze uses for technology in marketing functions.