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A worker standing at the top of a wind turbine

Wind Energy Technology - Associate Degree

The wind energy industry is the fastest growing segment of renewable energy production. The U.S. and Canadian commercial wind farms are experiencing annual growth of 25 percent. Employers seek skilled technicians for operation and maintenance activities in local wind farm settings. Within U.S. and international wind turbine manufacturers, there is also intense demand for upper-level technicians including installation technicians, quality control technicians, and warranty and commissioning technicians. Operation and maintenance positions remain with wind farm locations; other technicians travel extensively with the development of new wind farms and repair/retrofitting of wind farms around the world.

Program Code: 104821
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Program Costs & Financial Aid

Tuition: $9,969, Books: $926, Supplies: $200

Total Approximate Costs

This program is eligible for financial aid through the partner college.

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How do I get started in this program?

Requirements for Program Entry

  • Completed application at Lakeshore Technical College - or (888) 468-6582.

What will I learn?

  • Contact Lakeshore Technical College for all Benchmarks.
  • Students who plan to also achieve a Bachelor's degree are encouraged to take 10-804-198 Calculus, which is transferable.
  • The following program lecture courses are provided through Video-conferencing to NWTC or On-line from LTC: 10-482-101 Wind Systems Introduction, 10-482-110 Energy & Solar Power, and 10-482-135 Energy Power & Force.
  • The following courses are offered only at LTC: 10-482-104 Win Tech 1-Rescue & Tools, 10-482-002 Wind Tech 2-Safety & Maintenance, 10-482-2003 Wind Tech 3, 10-482-008 Turbine Maintenance, 10-482-103 Wind Farm Practical Experience, 10-482-004 Wind Tech 4, 10-482-005 Wind Tech 5 Lab, 10-482-140 Solar Tech 1 Lab, 10-482-143 Wind Systems Networking, and 10-482-136 Energy Power & Force Lab,


The Wind Energy Technology Associate Degree is a two-year six-semester collaborative program between Lakeshore Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Students will attend classes on the Green Bay campus during the fall and spring semesters and will take part in summer semester courses at LTC. Students following the study plan below will complete the Wind Energy Technology associate degree in the number of semesters shown.

Total Credits 66
  • Curriculum Note: Students must be within safe-climbing, unequipped body weight of 100 to 275 pounds

Program Outcomes

  • Install, test, service and repair wind turbine components.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain control and PLC systems.
  • Wear PPE for climbing and identify safety practices for climbing.
  • Practice safe wind turbine tower climbing skills.

What careers are in my future?

Employment Potential

Wind Turbine Technician/Mechanic/Tower Climber

  • Installation Technician
  • Operation and Maintenance Technician
  • Wind Farm Maintenance Manager

What's next after graduation?

Start here. Finish at a four-year.

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