Student Support Services

Life Happens

Student Support Services responds to student barriers by providing non-academic support and access to resources to help students succeed. 

Services include: 
Childcare Funding
Community Connections
Events, Workshops, and Collaborations
Financial Coaching Resources
Foster Youth Student support
Housing Assistance
Leo Frigo Memorial Scholarship
Non-Traditional Occupation Support
Parenting Student Resources
Pencil Box
Shared Harvest Food Pantry
Student Emergency Funding

What would you do if your car broke down? What if you lose your job or have a medical emergency? Life happens. We're here to connect you to the resources you need - when you need them.


There are so many resources in this community - way more then we can list here. If you are experiencing problems, please contact us. Our staff is here to support you!

   Call: 920-498-6258 (If you're not on the Green Bay campus, call 800-422-NWTC, Ext. 6258)
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