Faculty FAQs for Students with Disabilities

What do I do when I receive an alert from the Disability Services?

  • Read the entire email and reply to the options on the email for testing accommodations.
  • If the student is receiving a note taking accommodation; please assist in looking for a note taker for the class or provide notes to the student.
  • Please have the potential note taker stop by our office to fill out the paperwork.


What is a "testing accommodation"?

  • Student will get extended time for the tests/quizzes. 
  • The student has to take the test in the Disability Services office in order to receive the extended time.
  • Taking the test in the Disability Services test area will reduce the distraction of the classroom setting.


What is a "note taking accommodation"?

  • Student is to receive notes from either one of their peers from the class or from the instructor.
  • Note takers will be paid for their notes.


How do I know if the notes I am providing is sufficient?

  • Please discuss the notes with the student. If he/she still thinks that he/she needs more, please assist with locating a note taker.
  • Please call the Disability Services office with any questions or concerns.  There may be unique situations for certain classes.


What kinds of equipment will be used in the classroom?

  • Assistive listening device such as FM.
  • Digital tape recorder.
  • Adjustable chair and/or table.
  • These are just a few examples.  Other equipment may be used depending upon the student's needs.


Do my videos need to be accessible?  If so, who do I contact?

  • Yes, all videos must be accessible to all students including students with disabilities.
  • Please contact Disability Services staff to have your videos captioned if you are planning to show the videos in your class.
  • We encourage you to have any videos you are planning to show in your classes captioned even if you do not have any students with disabilities.  Doing so will promote a Universal Design to your classes and utilizes additional learning tools which can be beneficial to all learners.
  • Please contact Disability Services at (920) 498-6904 regarding closed captioning a video.


What do I do if I suspect that it may be beneficial for a student to use the Disability Services?

  • Please encourage him/her to see one of the case managers.  However, ultimately, it is his/her responsibility to contact our office and set up a meeting with one of the case managers.


Section 504.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Effective Communication: Faculty and Students with Disabilities


Phone: (920) 498-6904


Office Hours:

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