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Are you a current NWTC student with a documented disability? You may be eligible for reasonable accommodations by providing appropriate documentation in accordance with Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All accommodation requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Students seeking accommodations must:

  • Complete following form:
  • And provide one of the following:
    • Disability Documentation Form
    • A letter or form drafted by a licensed professional such as a medical provider, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, etc.
    • Documentation of prior accommodations provided by schools or other service providers. Examples include high school Individualized Education Plan (IEP), high school 504 plan or college accommodation plan.

Documentation for disability services must:

  • Be on letterhead, dated and signed.
  • Provide findings that support the diagnosis (history, tests administered, test results, and interpretation of the results).
  • Provide specific recommendations for accommodations and explain why the accommodations are needed.
  • Be less than three years old to be considered current and valid.

Still have questions?

Contact us by calling 920-498-6904 or emailing disability.services@nwtc.edu.