Student Handbook - Safety and Security Policies Find out how we keep our students and our campus safe, and what to do in case of emergency.

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Campus Security Policy

This information is being provided to students because of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s commitment to safety and security in response to the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is committed to maintaining a campus environment that enhances and supports student learning and achievement. The NWTC District Board, Administration, and staff recognize the importance of a safe and drug free campus. The use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs interferes with a person’s ability to learn and develop in the college environment. The Wisconsin Legislature and the U.S. Congress passed laws requiring colleges and universities to provide all students and staff with detailed written information about these issues, including relevant state and federal laws and sanctions. The intent of the law is to ensure that students have complete information about the extent of any problem, the risks involved, the legal standards that have been adopted, and the offices and agencies in the community to which a student may turn for help.

Classroom Safety and Health Resources

An additional Health & Safety resource for students, staff, and faculty is available from the Risk Management and Safety Specialist. Any health or safety issues that arise directly from the classroom environment should be directed first to the instructor then to the Safety Coordinator. The Risk Management and Safety Specialist can be reached at 920-498-6277. 

Emergency College Closing

In the event of an emergency college closing, a district-wide, mass notification will be executed using the RAVE alert system. When students are actively enrolled at NWTC, their cellular contact information will auto-enroll them to receive text alerts, in addition to alerts to college email. 

Emergency Medical Procedures

For a medical emergency occurring on campus, call (920) 498-5699. The following information must be provided to the call taker: Identify the location by building, level and room number. The room number is noted on the inside of the door frame. Describe the emergency, i.e. if the patient is conscious or unconscious. The call taker will then notify 911, and, if they are available, the campus First Responders. Stay with the person and while waiting, get any helpful information possible from the patient, i.e. medical history, doctor’s name, allergies, and anyone to be notified. 

Emergency Messages for Students

Should a family member need to contact a student for an emergency, Emergency calls are calls in which the situation prompting the call is grave, life threatening or once-in-a-lifetime events or notification of serious accidents involving great injury. Very few situations should be considered a true emergency.

NWTC Green Bay(920) 498-5444, or (800) 422-NWTC
NWTC Marinette(715) 735-9361
NWTC Sturgeon Bay(920) 746-4900
NWTC Aurora(715) 589-2768
NWTC Crivitz(715) 854-3338
NWTC Luxemburg(920) 845-5945
NWTC Oconto Falls(920) 848-6982
NWTC Shawano(715) 524-2418

If an emergency call is received, NWTC staff will make every effort to notify the student immediately.

Reporting of Criminal Actions or Emergencies

The responsibility for maintaining security and emergency responses at NWTC are under the direction of the Security Manager. To report an incident, the reporter should contact security staff by calling (920) 498-5699, or stopping at the Security Office in room SC121, on the Green Bay campus. For an Emergency, dial 911. 

Please contact NWTC Security to report anything seen or heard that is concerning. Tips can remain anonymous.

Crime victims have the right to contact law enforcement if deemed necessary, in addition to calling campus security. NWTC has a victim centered philosophy and staff will work with victims to report crimes to law enforcement and provide related resources.

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

The College maintains a commitment to campus security and safety. Exterior lighting in the parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and the exterior of buildings is on from dusk to dawn to illuminate these areas.

The campus buildings are patrolled by College Security and Facilities staff. All exterior doors are locked from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. during the week. Campus is open on Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (unless a class is specifically scheduled outside of these hours). Campus is closed for holidays and all buildings are locked with only authorized staff allowed entry.

NWTC has a day and evening security officers on duty throughout the week . Escorts to the parking lots are available from the Security department upon request by calling 920-498-5699.

Standard Precautions

NWTC has a Health Emergency Plan, which follows the CDC’s and Wisconsin Department of Health’s regulations for both students and staff. This may require individual restriction of access to campuses and services in case of a health crisis. No student grade penalties will apply. 

Statement of Current Policies Concerning Campus Law Enforcement

The College maintains a cooperative and harmonious working relationship with all local law enforcement agencies. The College stands ready to cooperate fully with all Wisconsin and local police department personnel.

Information is exchanged with the law enforcement agencies when certain relevant incidents are reported. These communications are important to keep law enforcement informed about campus crime and crime-related problems. In September of each year, the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is published to the NWTC website and distributed to students and staff via email. 

Student Accident Insurance

All NWTC students enrolled in credit classes, a practicum program, and certain other courses will be automatically enrolled in the Wisconsin Technical College Mandatory Accident Only Insurance Plan.

The Accident Only Insurance Plan provides medical benefits up to $100,000 with no deductible when an accident occurs while on campus, attending a practicum program or other recognized student group approved by the College, or during travel to and from a program. The plan offers comprehensive benefits that include hospital room and board, inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, labs and x-rays, physician office visits, ambulance, durable medical equipment, emergency care and prescription drugs.

It is the student's responsibility to file any medical reimbursements/claim forms. 

Those not eligible for student accident insurance are:

  1. Students whose class charges are paid by their employer
  2. Students under the age of 18
  3. Students in on-line lecture only classes or not as part of a practicum program

The cost of the Plan is $4.50 per semester. For more information, please access the website at .

For further questions, please contact Meng Xiong, NWTC Risk Mgt. & Safety Specialist (920) 207-2739.

Weather-Related School Closing

In the event of severe weather, the College will be using the following policy when closing any of its campuses and/or regional centers.

The NWTC district spans nine counties and weather conditions can vary dramatically throughout the district.

Decisions to close will be made as follows:

  • NWTC (All Locations) - The College President or his/her designee will have the authority to close the College and all other NWTC facilities throughout the district.
  • A committee determined by the President comprised of members of the Executive Leadership Team and Director of Facilities will review pending/active weather patterns and evaluate operational impacts. The Vice President of Business & Technology will make the final recommendation to the College President.
  • The College President or his/her designee has the authority to approve exceptions to this policy upon request.

In the event of a closure or curtailment at any location, timely notification by 6:00 a.m. (day classes) and by 3:00 p.m. (evening classes) will be given to designated media. Notification will also be sent out via the NWTC Alert system via e-mail and text messaging. Additional communication may follow, including local broadcast media, social media and on the NWTC website.

In the event of a campus closing, all students and staff are expected to leave when the campus is closed with the exception of facilities and security staff. If the weather conditions are severe and NWTC stays open, the choice to report for class or work is up to the student or staff member. Every effort will be made to help the student make up educational experiences lost due to severe weather conditions. Staff members who choose not to report to work should review available leave options with their supervisor when they return to work.