Paying for College

Unapologetically Affordable

When you’re the one paying for college, cost matters – right?
Good thing you can earn a degree without the major student loan debt.

You can afford college.

Follow these tips from experts in NWTC’s Financial Aid Office and Student Financial Services Office.

1. Fill out the FAFSA

If you don’t fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you could miss out on affordable loans, grants (which don’t have to be repaid!), and work study opportunities. Completing the FAFSA only takes about 30 minutes, and we can help you fill it out. Learn about types of financial aid.

Get Started on your FAFSA

2. Compare the Cost

2. Compare the Cost

At NWTC you can earn a highly respected degree without amassing major student debt. In fact, many students graduate with little or no student debt.

3. Apply for scholarships

Over $500,000 in scholarships is awarded to current and new NWTC students every year. Scholarships, like grants, do not have to be paid back. Doesn’t it make sense to apply? Learn more about scholarships.

4. Use a payment plan

With NWTC’s payment plan, the cost of your educational expenses for each term are divided into smaller monthly payments with no interest - just a low enrollment fee. Get details about the payment plan.

5. Consider other funding sources

Need help determining the best way to pay for college?

Contact the staff in Student Financial Services.