Electrical Power Distribution Technical Diploma

Program Code: 314132

Qualified line technicians are needed to install, maintain, and operate the complex network of power lines and cables that supply electric energy to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Electrical Power Distribution prepares students with classroom and hands-on training in all phases of power line construction and maintenance. Students must be willing to work in a diverse work environment in all weather conditions and be comfortable at heights.


Employment Potential

A graduate of the program will have the potential for employment as a Line Technician, Lead Line Technician, Line Technician Supervisor, Cable TV Line Technician, Telephone Line Technician, Technician in an Electricity Generating Plant, or Installer/Maintainer of Underground Systems. Graduates in those jobs will perform construction, operations, and maintenance work on the electric power system and equipment.

With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find other opportunities for employment.

• Line Coordinator
• Line Apprentice
• Safety Advisor
• Distribution Construction Designer
• Distribution Dispatcher
• Substation Electrician


Requirements for Program Entry

• Completed application.
• High school transcript or equivalent. (For a list of equivalents, go to
• Be able to obtain a commercial driver’s license.
• Place satisfactorily in the NWTC mathematics examination. Students should have mastered basic math skills. For a description of Basic Math, see the Basic Education section of catalog.
• To be admitted to this program, learners must achieve a prior cumulative high school or college grade point average of 2.6 or higher OR a satisfactory academic skills assessment score. College grade point average must be based on 15 credits or more. To learn more about starting this program, please contact an academic advisor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.

Program Availability

FULL TIME Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Fall 2021
Green Bay
Sturgeon Bay
Students following the study plan below will complete the Electrical Power Distribution technical diploma in the number of semesters shown.
10-890-101 COLLEGE 101 ...Students will utilize digital tools and resources to assess, explore, practice, apply, and evaluate both employability and learning skills. By establishing NWTC cultural values as hallmarks of success in academic, career, and personal settings the course encourages reflective, personalized development of a growth mindset and emphasizes the importance of making wise choices. To maximize the return on investment, students should take this course in their first semester as it identifies key expectations (hidden rules) of higher learning and professional employment.
10-804-312 MATH-ALGEBRA/TRADES ...signed numbers, order of operations, scientific notation, metric units/measurement, calculator operations, algebra, introductory trigonometry, Pythagorean Theorem, solving right triangles. (Prerequisite: Next Gen Arith score greater/equal to 237 AND Rdg score greater/equal to 237; OR TABE A 9/10 Math greater/equal to 9.2 AND Rdg greater/equal to 8.3; OR TABE 11/12 Math greater/equal to 602 AND Rdg greater/equal to 567; OR ACT Math score greater/equal to 14 AND ACT Rdg score greater/equal to 15; OR prep courses-contact academic advisor 920-498-5444)
31-413-330 LINE ELECTRICIAN FIELD TRAINING 1 ...This course introduces students to a career as a line electrician. Students will learn pole climbing techniques, operate digger derrick trucks and bucket trucks, design and construction of single phase power distribution systems. CPR and First Aid certifications are received in this course.
31-413-353 ELECTRICITY-BASIC ...basic electricity: fundamental laws and circuit analysis. (Prerequisites: Accepted into Electrical Power Distribution)
31-413-362 LINE ELECTRICIAN-SAFETY 1 ...This course introduces students to industry safety manuals, rules, and definitions. Students will also learn safety procedures for hand and power tool use, ladders, scaffolds, pole climbing, digger derrick trucks, bucket trucks and work zone safety and setup. Students will perform related accident reviews. (Prerequisite: Accepted into Electrical Power Distribution; Corequisite: 10-804-312, Math-Algebra Trades)
10-413-350 CDL PREPARATION TRAINING ...this course is designed to prepare students for the Wisconsin Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) pre-trip inspection. Preparation will also be given for taking the State DOT written test including general knowledge, air brakes and combination vehicles. (Prerequisite: Accepted into Gas Utility Construction & Service or Electrical Power Distribution programs)
31-413-335 LINE ELECTRICIAN-CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS ...This course teaches students distribution standards for overhead, underground, primary, secondary, clearances, code requirements, map/diagram reading and safe work practices.
31-413-336 LINE ELECTRICIAN FIELD TRAINING 2-A ...This course focuses on the installation of underground lines and equipment, underground troubleshooting, and trencher operation. Students will also learn the construction and design of single phase transformers. (Prerequisite: 31-413-330, Line Electrician Field Training 1)
31-413-337 LINE ELECTRICIAN FIELD TRAINING 2-B ...This course provides an introduction to overhead three phase construction, electrical power line equipment; capacitors, regulators and OCR's, three phase transformer design and construction, protective grounds and pole top and buck truck rescue techniques. (Corequisite: 31-413-336, Line Electrician Field Training 2-A)
31-413-355 ELECTRICITY-LINEPERSONS ...electric power/energy, three-phase voltage generation, three-phase circuit power, transformer operation principles, transformer connections, and safety practices in high voltage applications. (Prerequisite: 31-413-353, Electricity-Basic)
31-413-364 LINE ELECTRICIAN-SAFETY 2 ...Students will learn safety procedures in underground systems, trencher operation, single phase transformers, overhead three phase construction, electrical power line equipment; capacitor, regulators and OCR's, three phase transformer design and construction, protective grounds and pole top and buck truck rescue techniques. Students will perform related accident reviews. (Prerequisite: 31-413-362, Line Electrician-Safety 1)
31-801-385 COMMUNICATING-WRITING ...writing techniques, memos, letters, descriptions, instructions, and the job-seeking process (Prerequisite: Next Gen Reading score greater/equal to 237 AND Writing score greater/equal to 237; OR ACT Reading score greater/equal to 15 AND English score greater/equal to 16; OR preparatory courses-contact an academic advisor at 920-498-5444)
31-413-332 LINE ELECTRICIAN FIELD TRAINING 3 ...This course provides training in transmission, substation operations and maintenance, customer metering, low voltage construction, street lighting, and use of tree trimming methods and tools. (Prerequisite: 31-413-337, Line Electrician Field Training 2-B)
31-413-361 LINE ELECTRICIAN-SAFETY 3... This course provides safety procedures in transmission, substation, metering, low voltage construction, and tree trimming methods and tools. Students will also perform related accident reviews. (Prerequisite: 31-413-364 Line Electrician-Safety 2)
31-801-386 COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY ...interpersonal communication, including the function of interpersonal communication, listening techniques, perception, non-verbal communication, language, self-concept, conflict resolution and customer service. (Prerequisite: One of the following or the equivalent: Cumulative GPA of 2.6 or greater; satisfactory reading assessment scores OR Prerequisite: 10-831-107, College Reading and Writing 1 with "B" or better).
10-606-112 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS FOR TECHNICIANS...basics of a computer system, computer terminology, the Microsoft Windows environment, file management, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
Curriculum Note
. The credit for 10-890-101, College 101 is an institutional requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program credit requirements, but must be passed with a C or better.

Program Outcomes

• Utilize relevant personal protective equipment to safely perform specific work
• Apply electrical theory to electric power systems
• Communicate technical information
• Identify sub-station components
• Work comfortably at heights
• Climb poles and towers
• Operate electrical power equipment
• Assist in basic meter reading and testing of meter base
• Assist in the construction/maintenance/disassembly of overhead electrical distribution systems
• Assist in the construction/maintenance/disassembly underground electrical distribution systems
• Assist in the construction/maintenance/disassembly of electric transmission systems
• Assist in troubleshooting and maintaining power distribution and transmission systems



• Willingness to relocate may be an advantage for job opportunities.
• A clean driving record is required to obtain a CDL license.