Health Care Leadership Certificate

Program Code: 901967

The Health Care Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare a person for a leadership role within health care settings. It includes learning the skills of supervision, team building and problem solving, leadership, and managing quality in a health care environment. All credits in this certificate may be applied toward the Leadership Development Associate Degree.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Plan, organize, staff, lead and control a work environment
• Interact appropriately on a team
• Facilitate a problem solving team meeting
• Develop a flexible leadership style
• Coach the performance of others
• Use data analysis to identify opportunities to improve quality

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 101961, Leadership Development

Catalog No. Description
10-196-191 SUPERVISION ...front-line leadership including setting goals, planning, delegation, controlling, communication, motivation, problem solving, and conflict management.
10-196-189 TEAM BUILDING/PROBLEM SOLVING ...benefits and challenges of group work, necessary roles in a team, stages of team development, meeting facilitation, different approaches to problem solving, consensus, data acquisition, analysis, developing alternative solutions, implementation and evaluation.
10-196-190 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ...leadership effectiveness and organization requirements, individual and group motivation strategies, vision, mission and goals, ethical behavior, leadership style and adaptation, impacts of power and influence, employee development, coaching, managing change, and conflict resolution.
10-196-192 MANAGING-QUALITY ...developing a personal philosophy of quality, identifying all stakeholder relationships, meeting/exceeding customer expectations, managing a quality improvement project, measuring effectiveness, lean thinking, Six Sigma, and systems thinking.
Certificate Total