Employee Benefits, Relations, and Development Certificate

Program Code: 901163

The Employee Benefits, Relations, and Development Certificate is designed for people who wish to acquire and improve their skills in human resources, specifically with the factors that affect employee development, compensation, and relations. These courses also apply toward the credits necessary to earn the Human Resources Associate Degree. Courses are offered in alternative delivery formats.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Examine compensation systems and the role they play in organizations.
• Discuss legally-required benefits.
• Analyze laws applicable to the National Labor Code.
• Create and evaluate contractual and handbook language.
• Integrate the history of labor relations into the present day workplace.
• Analyze the growth, decline, and subsequent evolution of unions in the U.S.
• Analyze the role of training in organizations.
• Develop instructional materials and training media to support instruction.
• Evaluate training effectiveness.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of diversity management strategies in an organization.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 101161, Human Resources


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• High school diploma or equivalent.

Catalog No. Description
10-196-134 LEGAL ISSUES-SUPERVISORS practices of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, selection, evaluation/promotion, employee discipline, firing, EEOC and nondiscrimination, employee privacy, workplace harassment, FMLA, ADA and unions.
10-116-112 COMPENSATION/BENEFITS ADMIN ...applies the skills and tools necessary to design, implement and manage a compensation and benefits program as a tool for recruitment, retention and performance management of employees (Prerequisite: 10-103-131, Micro: Excel Intro)
10-116-113 LABOR RELATIONS & NEGOTIATIONS ...introduces the participant to the history of the labor movement and includes the legal collective bargaining processes while applying the learned skills with case studies, a mock negotiation of a realistic collective bargaining contract, and the simulation of a grievance arbitration.
10-116-114 TRAINING FOR ORGANIZATIONS ...applies the skills and tools necessary to implement the training cycle of assessment, design, implementation and evaluation. Each learner will develop and present a complete training project based upon adult learning theory and instructional design techniques.
Certificate Total