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Marinette Services

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The NWTC Marinette campus has services available to help you succeed in college. We can help you learn how to pay for college, what classes are right for you or what to do when you feel overwhelmed.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center provides students and the community the opportunity to access resources and services to support their success. Need help getting started? The Welcome Center offers new students and community members guidance and support starting with program exploration and enrollment , continuing as you take classes, and through graduation. Our Welcome Center staff is ready to answer your questions and help connect you with the resources below to help you soar higher. Together, we will help you on the path to success. 

Academic and Career Advising

Our academic advisors are trained experts in helping you choose a career path and find the right program to get you there, as well as your eligibility for prior learning. Once you start your advisor is your contact to help you plan which classes will fit into your schedule and which resources you can use to help you succeed. They can help you with building your resume and preparing for job interviews as you near completion of your program.

Paying for College & Financial Aid (FAFSA) 

We believe you could earn a degree and follow your dreams – without having major student debt. We offer multiple ways to fund your education, and – perhaps most importantly – people who will help you succeed. Our financial aid advisor can help you identify multiple ways to pay for your education. Get help with applying for grants, scholarships and loans and learn about the many ways available to make college affordable.  

Academic Coaching

All successful students need help sometimes. Meet with tutors and coaches who will help you build study habits to maximize your learning even in your most difficult classes. Schedules are available online for in person as well as virtual opportunities. Visit our Academic Coaching Coordinator in the library to request additional coaching options or to learn how to access virtual coaching.

Technology Resources

The Marinette campus offers individual and small group study rooms with computers throughout the campus. NWTC Marinette staff available to assist you with technology assistance you might need for your classes. NWTC Marinette Campus has state of the art computer labs, off campus access to the software you need, printing both off an off campus, and free 24-7 access to technology support. 

Counseling Services

All students struggle with balancing personal and academic challenges. Most students feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed at some point in their college career. We can help you identify and express your feelings, examine your personal beliefs and thinking patterns, and work toward making beneficial changes. Services are free to all students taking credit classes. Learn more about Marinette Counselor Judy Roemer.

Disability Services

Disability Services offers a wide range of services and accommodations to assist students in reaching their educational goals. Services are available to students who are hearing or vision impaired, have learning or cognitive impairments, motor disabilities and other challenges. The Disability Services staff will work with you on a case by case basis to ensure that you receive the right assistance to help you succeed in college. Learn more about the Marinette case manager Mee Saykao.


To make an appointment with our support staff, contact the Marinette campus at or 715-735-9361.