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Living Our Values

NWTC Academic Advisor Cindy K

Cindy K. - Academic Advisor

The benefits of working here are too numerous to mention, but I come here every day proud of the work that we do as a college. I have the opportunity to be myself without fear or repercussions...
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NWTC Nursing Instructor Linda R

Lynda R. - Nursing Instructor, Marinette

I have been a Nursing Instructor on the Marinette Campus for Almost 14 years. But to truly answer how long I've been here, I have been with NWTC since I began my nursing education right here...
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NWTC Part-time Instructor Eric V

Eric V. - Part-time Instructor (Business & Information Technology)

Everyone in my department, from the Dean and Associate Deans, to the support staff, to the part-time receptionist, truly CARE about the students and what I need to better serve them...
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Zianya S - Student Support Specialist

Zianya S. - Student Support Specialist

I enjoy coming in to work not only because I love the team I work with, but also because I get to make a difference every day in a student’s life and that’s something that I feel very grateful for.
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NWTC Dental Assistant Tiffany S

Tiffany S. - Part-time Dental Assistant Clinician

Working at NWTC is unique because it seems like a very large place but is really a small family like community where everyone has the same objective. To help our students succeed in the career path...
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NWTC Physics Instructor Shannon B

Shannon B. - Physics Instructor

I laugh everyday, and usually students are laughing with me. I enjoy building personal relationships and getting a high five or a hug at graduation because I helped someone become who they wanted...
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NWTC Administrative, General Studies Lashanda W

Lashanda W. - Administrative, General Studies

My experience here at NWTC has been unique because the individuals here are so nice and welcoming. If you have a question about how...
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Pa Nhia L - Academic Coaching Operational Specialist

Pa Nhia L. - Academic Coaching Operational Specialist

NWTC is unique because of our culture here. Every time I meet new staff or faculty, it is always a pleasure in getting to know them because we all hold similar values and goals for our students.
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Ronnie C Marketing Instructor

Ronnie C. - Marketing Instructor

I am given the opportunity to teach, network, learn, and reflect on a daily basis. Change happens every day, and that is exciting.
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