Off Campus Software Access for Students

How to access the NWTC network

Access the NWTC Network from an internet connection anywhere!  There are two ways to access a Virtual Desktop.  Web Browser access is recommended unless you need to connect to a USB device in which case the VMWare app is a better choice.

Access Via Your Web Browser

 VMWare Horizon HTML access

Launch Browser Access

NOTE: HTML Access cannot connect to a USB. For USB access install the VMWare App.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Duo Security Required for Employee Access. Click here to enroll.

Software Available on the Student Virtual Desktop

  1. Adobe Reader 

  1. Android SDK Tools 

  1. Atom 

  1. BlueJ 

  1. Business English at Work 

  1. Eclipse 

  1. FileZilla 

  1. Firefox Developer 

  1. Firefox 

  1. Gimp 

  1. Git 

  1. Chrome 

  1. HelpNDoc 

  1. Jet Brains 

  1. JIRA Server 

  1. LexisNexis Case Map Suite 

  1. Medisoft 

  1. Microsoft Azure Command line tools 

  1. Microsoft Azure Storage tools 

  1. Microsoft SQL server 2017 tools 

  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Management Studio 

  1. Notepad++ 

  1. OneDrive 

  1. Quickbooks 

  1. R studio 

  1. ReadOutLoud 

  1. SnapPlusV2 

  1. Unity 

  1. Visual Studio 2017 

  1. Visual Studio Code 

What if I don't have internet access at home?

The College is not able to provide all students with internet access in their homes.  The FCC, however, has asked service providers to participate in the Keep Americans Connected Pledge during the COVID-19 pandemic and several companies are offering free or discounted services for students:


Who is Eligible? 

Virtual desktops are available to all students accepted into a program or certificate AND currently enrolled in a class. Virtual desktops will be accessible five days before the class start date and five days after the class end date.

Need Help? 

Contact the Student Help Desk at 920-498-6900 or 1-866-235-5037.
Staff and Faculty contact Help Desk at (920) 498-6800 or email.