NWTC Student Email

Gmail to Outlook 365 Migration

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s IIT team is migrating student email account from Gmail to Outlook 365. As a student, your NWTC student email has been Google’s Gmail. The College will be migrating your mailbox and emails to Microsoft’s Outlook on August 3rd.


Accessing NWTC mail in O365 after August 3rd, 2021

Once the migration is completed on August 3rd, 2021 you will have three options for accessing email in the Microsoft 365 environment:

Web Access
Sign in to with your NWTC
Mobile App
Use the Outlook app on your mobile device and log in with your NWTC
Desktop App
Use the Outlook app on your laptop or desktop computer and log in with your NWTC

Why are we making the switch?

Moving the student email to Outlook 365 brings many important benefits! Here are just a few:

Stronger Cybersecurity

Hosting mail in the Microsoft 365 environment provides opportunities for enhanced cybersecurity measures. With Mymail email in the Microsoft 365 cloud, NWTC’s security team will have better ability to block malicious activity and prevent a greater number of phishing emails from reaching your email inbox.

Increased Collaboration 

Hosting mail in the Microsoft 365 cloud will increase functionality with other Microsoft 365 tools including OneDrive cloud storage among faculty and students. Because student email is currently hosted in Google, students experience limited functionality with these tools. Hosting email alongside these collaboration tools provides the opportunity for seamless integration and user experience. This gives us the ability to provide additional Microsoft 365 products in the future.

Prepare NWTC Students for the Workforce 

Recent graduates are faced with learning Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and other Microsoft tools when starting their careers. Introducing NWTC students to the Microsoft environment during your higher education experience will better equip you to be workforce ready.

  • NWTC's IIT staff will be migrating all email and folders from your Gmail account into Outlook 365. The migration process will place all items into your Outlook 365 inbox or their current folder location as unread email.

  • Yes, NWTC email addresses do not change. The format remains as

  • Effective August 3rd, 2021, NWTC account holders will not be able to log into to access email. Users should visit to access old and new email.

  • No. Current students can access apps within NWTC’s Google suite (Google Drive, Contacts, Site, etc.) after the migration. You will not be able to send mail through NWTC’s Gmail, but you will be able to access other NWTC Google tools at We encourage students to check out the Google/Microsoft tools comparison chart.

  • If you experience any issues accessing your NWTC email account in Outlook 365, please change your password. After you’ve changed your password, refresh your browser then log in.  If this does not work, please contact the student IT Help Desk at 920-498-6900.

  • All emails in Gmail will be migrated into your staff mailbox and future email to your account will be routed to your staff mailbox.

  • The IIT department is looking at migrating your Google Drive content and we will be sending updates to your email account and update this website.  In the meantime you are welcome learn more from Google about downloading content, and use Google Takeout to migrate content to OneDrive.   
  • Only email will be migrated to Outlook 365. You can continue to use resources in Google, or you can use tools like Google Takeout to migrate content to migrate content to Microsoft 365.