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Getting Started in Study Abroad

Congratulations! You've already begun the process of your study abroad experience by doing a little research. 

See our list below for tips on how to continue your journey.

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  1. Read through the study abroad webpages to become familiar with upcoming study abroad programs and financial support opportunities. Students should have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above (although students may apply if their GPA is 2.0 or above).
  2. Meet with an International Programs team member. Email to schedule an appointment or stop in Student Involvement, SC118.
  3. Apply for your passport. Even if you don't study abroad it is helpful to have a passport, which is valid for 10 years. Check out the Passport page for more details on how to apply.
  4. Build your budget and check out financial aid and scholarships. For students interested in finding out what financial aid may be available to use towards study abroad, contact a Financial Aid Advisor. Check out the Financial Support page for additional opportunities.
  5. Apply! Be sure to submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline (September for Winter programs, February for Summer programs - actual dates are shared in the Available Programs section).
  6. Prepare! Attend the required pre-departure orientation meetings, ask questions, and learn all you can about the new culture. The meetings are scheduled after participants are accepted into the study abroad program.
  7. Pack your bags, have an open mind, and get excited about your life changing journey!