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Study Abroad Student Stories

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A study abroad student smiles at a local child

Watch NWTC student footage from the Early Childhood program to Belize:


"An opportunity like this may not come again. Doing a study abroad trip allows you to experience the country in a way you wouldn't be able to on your own. You meet some really great people and friends along the way, too." - NWTC Study Abroad Participant to Brazil

“I understand so much more about the Chinese culture now. I have a deeper understanding for what their values are and how that can affect their business practices.” - NWTC Study Abroad Participant to China 

Olysea Keating, on her favorite memory from her study abroad program to Belize:

Study abroad student hugs a local child

"I have many wonderful memories. While in Belize, I had the opportunity to work in a preschool for a week. I was nervous. On the first day working in the school, I walked in and met the kids. Within minutes, a little girl walked up to me and tugged on my pant leg. I knelt so that I could be at her level. She then gave me a hug. My heart melted. I was touched that she would come up to me, a complete stranger, and hug me."  

Listen to an NWTC student Radio News Segment about Study Abroad:


"This trip has changed my life. I am more confident in my abilities. I conquered many fears such as flying, leaving the country, and being so far away from my family." - NWTC Study Abroad Participant to London/Dublin  

NWTC Students Share Why They Studied Abroad: