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Available Programs

Our international study programs are open to all students. Main focus area(s) have been identified for each program and may fit your personal/educational goals better than others. Please reach out if you have an interest in any of our programs. 

Virtual Ireland

Virtual Ireland

Business & Intro to Diversity Studies: Fall 2024



Business & Legal Studies: January 2025



Business, Marketing, Hotel & Restaurant, Entrepreneurship: June 2024



Early Childhood Education and Foundations of Teacher Education: May 2024

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Nursing, Dental, Holistic Health & Wellness: May 2024

Outside Opportunities

Outside Opportunities

See what opportunities are available outside of NWTC for studying overseas.

Why Study Abroad?

Having a study abroad experience on your resume helps you stand out from other applicants who have the same degree. It is one of the best ways students can acquire global skills, such as adaptability, flexibility, and problem-solving. See below for more benefits.

Fulfill credits in a unique way

You have to complete the credits anyway, why not learn outside the classroom in the real world? Our programs allow you to see international businesses, healthcare services, energy practices, educational systems, architecture and cultural sites first-hand. Even more importantly is the opportunity to interact with the people that experience them on a daily basis.

The below classes can be completed through a study abroad program:

  • College of Business, Career Experience
  • Trades and Engineering Technology Capstone
  • General Studies Intro to Diversity Studies
  • Early Childhood Education and FTE Practicum
  • Intro to Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Strengthen your employability skills

NWTC has identified transferrable employability skills reaching beyond the context of a specific course. Study abroad strengthens employability skills - in particular, valuing individual differences and abilities, thinking critically and creatively, and demonstrating community and global accountability.

Employability Skills:

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Work Cooperatively and Professionally
  • Think Critically and Creatively
  • Solve Problems Effectively
  • Value Individual Differences and Abilities
  • Demonstrate Personal Accountability
  • Demonstrate Community and Global Accountability

A CareerBuilder survey found that 77% of employers believe that soft skills are just as important as hard skills.

Graduate on time

93% of NWTC study abroad alum stated that their experience abroad positively affected their persistence towards graduation.

NWTC study abroad programs occur during regular breaks in the school year:

  • Winter break
  • Spring break
  • Summer vacation

Tips for Getting Started

Know you're interested in studying internationally but not sure what to do next? See our list below for tips on how to continue your journey.

  1. Become familiar with upcoming study abroad programs and financial support opportunities. Students should have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above (though students may apply if GPA is 2.0 or above).
  2. Apply for your passport. Even if you don't study abroad it is helpful to have a passport, which is valid for 10 years. Get more passport details.
  3. Build your budget and check out financial aid and scholarships. Check out the Financial Support page for opportunities or contact a Financial Aid Advisor.
  4. Apply! Be sure to submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline (application dates are shared in the Available Programs section).
  5. Prepare! Attend required pre-departure orientation meetings, ask questions, and learn all you can about the new culture. Meetings are scheduled after participants are accepted into the study abroad program.
  6. Pack your bags, have an open mind, and get excited about your life-changing journey!

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