Summer and fall classes will be offered in-person, blended, and online with COVID-19 precautions in place. No Risk Enrollment available now. All NWTC facilities are closed to the public until further notice. All campus resources are available by phone, chat, email or text.


Student Involvement Services

Photo IDs

Student Photo IDs

- Student Photo IDs are available to all students currently enrolled in credit bearing classes.
- Students please bring a state issued photo ID and know your student ID # when getting your ID.
- IDs are are valid until the student is no longer an active NWTC Student.
- Expired IDs can be updated with a new expiration date sticker in the Student Involvement Office, Room SC118.


- There is no charge for your first Student Photo ID
- All Replacement IDs are $5.00

Benefits of Student Photo IDs

- Participate in FREE Student Involvement Events
- Use the Gym & Fitness Center
- Visit a healthcare provider in Campus Care (Campus Care is free of charge to enrolled students)
- Scan for campus printers
- Buy textbook/ supplies in Bookstore
- Take tests in Assessment Center
- Check out items in the Student Involvement Office
- Receive discounts at local businesses
A valid form of WI voter ID at the polls

Staff Photo IDs

- There is no charge for Staff ID's.
- Staff needs to fill out Staff ID Form and have signed by the appropriate supervisor.
- Bring form to Student Involvement Office, SC118 and ID will be given at that time.

Locker Rental

- A single locker is $10.00 a semester. Locker fees are non-refundable. Fees subject to change.
- Students may choose the locker location based on availability. Staff will be happy to suggest an area close to academic programs.
- Student Involvement will not disclose the locker combination to anyone except the student who rented the locker. (must provide photo ID to receive locker combination)
- The locker should only be used by the person renting it.
- Lockers must be cleaned out after each semester unless rented for the academic year. Any items not claimed will be donated.
Manufacturing Technology Building - Please see lab aid for lockers.
Building and Construction Building - Student must talk with Instructor for lockers.

Lost & Found

Lost items can be dropped off or picked up in the Student Involvement Office, SC118 (right off of the commons)

If you've lost something we can take your name and phone number and call you if it's turned in.
Lost items that have been brought to the Student Involvement office will be kept for two weeks from the date they are turned in. After two weeks the items not claimed will be donated.

Green Bay Metro Bus Passes

Green Bay Metro Bus Passes are sold in the Student Involvement office.
As of January 1, 2020, Green Bay Metro has increased their prices by $4.00 per pass and no longer offers the College Student Discounted Pass. 

The prices are as follows:
Adult 30-day Pass: $39.00
Reduced 30-day Pass: $29.00 (Those that are eligible for this rate will have a special ID. This ID needs to be shown to the metro bus drivers when boarding the bus)

Mother's Rooms

Mother's Rooms are located for the convenience of our students, staff, and guests who are breastfeeding.

SC112 (near the commons)
BT348 (College of Business)
ET122 (Trades)

Campus Housing

Located within steps of NWTC, The Orchards Student Living is a privately owned and managed student apartment community serving the students of NWTC and other surrounding schools. 


Student Perspective Video Resources

Interested in housing for 2020?
Contact The Orchards Student Living

Jessica Hauner
Property Manager

Off-Campus Housing

NWTC students make their own off-campus housing arrangements.

Looking off campus?
Search for apartments on

Looking for Renters?

If you are looking for renters, please fill out the Housing Form and email to or bring to the Student Involvement Office, SC118.

* Vacancies included in NWTC's housing list are not affiliated with NWTC, not endorsed by NWTC, and not exclusive to NWTC students. Each property is the sole responsibility of its private-sector owner(s) and is regulated by local units of government.