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Photo IDs

Student Photo IDs are Now MOBILE

Students, you will be able to upload your own photo for a new mobile NWTC student ID, available on any smart phone device. This will replace the traditional printed cards.

If you do not have a smart phone and require a physical student ID card please contact or call 920-498-5483.

For access to submit your photo, log into the NWTC student portal and select the Mobile Student ID link found under Resources. 


Photo Requirements:

For photos to be approved, they must adhere to the following: 

  • No hats or head coverings unless for religious purposes. 
  • We must be able to see your eyes; if glasses are worn, try to avoid glare. Have a solid color background. 
  • The tops of the shoulders covered and an area above your head must be visible. The person submitting the photo should be the only one visible in the photo, i.e., group photos are not accepted. 
  • Think of what your driver’s license or passport photo looks like. This is the type of photo the system accepts.


Eagle playing Trombone

Not Acceptable

Eagle with Friends

Not Acceptable  

Eagle Headshot


Step three     SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO

Once the photo has been taken, submit the photo using the designated prompt on your screen. An automatic cropping/adjustment sequence will then initiate to ensure all requirements are met. If any of the requirements (bullet points stated above) are not met, a denial message will appear stating which requirement is not being met.  

When the photo has been approved, a pop-up notification appears signaling the photo was accepted and submitted. You then receive a confirmation email sent to your NWTC myMail address stating the photo has been received, thus completing the photo submission process. 

Please note that your photo should appear anywhere from 15 minutes up to 2 hours after approval, depending on where the program is in the updating process. If the photo is not there within 1-2 days, please email us at

You will then have access to your mobile student ID, under Resources and then Mobile Student ID within my.nwtc.   

Locker Rental

Locker Rental is not available for 2020-21 school year due to health and safety reasons.

Lost & Found

Lost items can be dropped off or picked up in the Student Involvement Office, SC118 (right off of the commons)

If you've lost something we can take your name and phone number and call you if it's turned in.

Lost items that have been brought to the Student Involvement office will be kept for two weeks from the date they are turned in. After two weeks the items not claimed will be donated.

Green Bay Metro Bus Passes

Green Bay Metro Bus Passes are available. Please email: or call 920-498-5483 to purchase a pass. Once purchased we will mail the pass to you.

The prices are as follows:
Adult 30-day Pass: $39.00
Reduced 30-day Pass: $29.00 (Those that are eligible for this rate will have a special ID. This ID needs to be shown to the metro bus drivers when boarding the bus)

Mother's Rooms

Mother's Rooms are located for the convenience of our students, staff, and guests who are breastfeeding.

SC112 (near the commons)   |   BT348 (College of Business)  |  ET122 (Trades)

Campus Housing

Located within steps of NWTC, The Orchards Student Living is a privately owned and managed student apartment community serving the students of NWTC and other surrounding schools.

Contact The Orchards Student Living:



The Orchards Student Living

Student Perspective Video

Off-Campus Housing

NWTC students make their own off-campus housing arrangements.
Looking off campus?
Search for apartments on